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In 2018, why is Canada the most coveted country for PR?

The Canadian immigrants have everything laid before themselves in the year 2018. It’s because of the liberal policies introduced by the Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau. The immigrants in this country will be able to, make some amazing progress because they are able to get the freedom they desire.

Canada has also set some high-level targets for the immigration. The Canadian government plans to invite some, 310,000 immigrants in 2018. This number has soared because of the liberal attitude of Mr. Justin Trudeau.

Therefore, there have been some changes made to the Canada point structure. The Canadians are now empowered to get points for their relatives staying in the country of Canada. Their point score is likely to increase by 15 for all the relatives living there.

More points for the French language now

The immigration rules had undergone some real changes in the year 2017 itself. As per the new rules which had been implemented, the candidates are likely to get more points if they are able to get CLB 7 scores in French. But that does not mean, their scores should not be high in English. They should score either CLB 4 (15 points) or CLB 5(30 points) in English. This way, the Canadian government has decided to reward those with good adeptness in both these languages. So, the candidates are definitely at a benefit when they decide to appear for the exams in French and English as well.

It’s also not highly important to get the highest points in Express Entry to be able to get the ITA(Invitation to apply). Without such invitation, the entire effort of a candidate is wasted.

Approval for Federal Skilled Worker program

This kind of approval requires that the candidate should have the total of 67 points without which a sanction is not granted for the Federal Skilled Worker program to a candidate.

It’s true that the same requirements are not necessary for the Canadian Experience Class. The candidate just needs to have a brief work experience in Canada which should not be less than 12 months. This experience can be more than 1 year also.

So far, in all the draws which have taken place for Canada immigration, the highest score has been 440.

The candidates should know that in 2018, there will be enhanced competition for immigration in Canada. So, you should have done some preparation beforehand to get the immigration to happen to you quickly. This immigration can only be done in an apt manner through consultants such as us. If the documents are not provided rightly, the documents are likely to see rejection and your Express Entry Profile will have to be constructed again.

In fact, there was a huge fall off in the Express Entry score in the year 2017 only. It was an indication of what was going to happen in 2018 when the Express Entry points have been brought down to 440. There was a drastic decline in the Express Entry points in 2017 only to 413.

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