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457 Temporary Work Visa, An Easy Way To Work Abroad

Nowadays, there are many types of job seeker visa available online and offline that provide you with opportunities to work in their respective nation as a skilled worker for either permanent basis or for a limited period of time. Job seeker visa of different countries come with the requirements of different types of documents depending upon their needs. Basically in order to apply for a job seeker visa for any country you need to present yourself as a skilled worker in a particular field of occupation along with your identity verification documents along with verification of your work experience.

What is 457 Temporary Work Visa and how it is different from other job-seeking Visas?

457 Temporary Work Visa is the answer for your query of temporary work short stay visa Australia. Normally all other kinds of job seeker visa require you to also apply for permanent residence visa of that country once you qualify for getting that particular visa. However, 457 temporary work visa offers it applicants with an opportunity to attain a work visa that facilitates them with the opportunity of experiencing the working conditions in the businesses of Australia for a period of 4 years. The visa can be extended at the request of the applicant on duly notice on the completion of the initial time period.

Changes brought in the temporary work visa since after April 2017

The 457 Temporary Work Visa will be replaced and changed by the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS) with the change made to the former in April 2017. All the changes will be duly revised and applied with effect from March 2018.  The new and advanced temporary work visa knows as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa is believed to intake applicant in the field where the business experience a shortage of workers and is made up of two streams:

  • Short-Term- validity of 2 years and an option to get your visa renewed once
  • Medium-term – validity of up to 4 years and an option to get your visa renewed once. You can also apply for permanent residence visa.

How to apply for a Temporary Work Visa (457)?

In order to apply for a temporary work visa in Australia, you need to qualify through a set of procedures and eligibility criteria laid by the Australia government.

Eligibility Criteria-:

  • The applicants need to have a knowledge of English Language
  • The applicants need to arrange a health insurance for its stay in Australia
  • Fulfill the character and health requirements.

Once you fulfill all the eligibility criteria you need to get connected with an employer in Australia and get a job seat. After you succeed in getting the job you need to make sure the employer puts you forward for the visa application under the program. Completing all the given fields, all that is left for you to do is apply for the temporary work visa and get yourself enrolled. The visa committee will contact you if pass all the stages of getting the visa. This process can take up to a time of 2-3 months. Get your visa and start working. So next time some asks you about temporary work short stay visa Australia you can fill the person with all the necessary information.

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