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5 Key Things to Check Before You Apply For Australian PR Visa

When you are applying for the Australia PR visa, it’s crucial to understand that this visa is based on the point structure which requires anyone to have the absolute aggregate of 60 points. Such sum total is important before you can get the visa.

Check the point score: So, check whether you have the points or not before you apply for this visa. The points are given based on whether you have the, more than every-band 6 IELTS score, 3 or more than that, years of work experience, an age of less than 46 and a bachelor’s degree. So, after completing all these conditions, or even better than them, you are eligible to receive 60 points.

Get the pertinent documents: The next part is to make sure all your documents are ready. Such documents are needed for online uploading while you are creating your Expression Of Interest.  Such documents include the report card of IELTS and the skill assessment which should be done by the authority which is appropriate as per your skills.

Decide on the relevant occupation: The candidate also needs to select an occupation which is quite necessary once he has to show his experience. This occupation should be picked on the basis of the ANZSCO code, which is present for the relevant profiles in Australia. You must have 3 years of experience in the profile of your ANZSCO code, and apart from that, this ANZSCO code should be available in the MLTSSL list for the 189 visa and in the STSOL list for the 190 visa.

This availability can vary depending on which of these visas you want to apply for. You should also check your occupation whether it’s in the ANZSCO list of critical occupations which is relevant to different states.

Documents needed after getting an ITA: The online Expression of interest, once its completely processed, makes you likely to get an Invitation to apply. Once you have this ITA, there are many other documents which are needed. These documents are your birth certificate, your marriage certificate and statements for bank accounts held individually as well as those mutually held with the partner.

The mortgage or the houses lease whichever is applicable to you.

Receiving the health certificate: The most important document needed is, the health check certificate.

The applicants for the 189 and 190 visa need to put up the form 26 to prove to the Australian government that they have no medical problems, which is partially filled by them and the panel physician. It’s quite necessary to prove this because otherwise the government can cancel your PR. The Australian government has already designated some panel physicians in India from which you can get this health checkup done. The costs of such health checkup are to be paid by the aspirant PR holder to the panel physician. Such health checkups should be preferably done after the visa application has only been applied for because its results will be needed after the letter of intent is received.

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