9th Express Entry Draw of 2017- A Record Fall Seen in CRS Score

We all know that how tough it is to gain a PR membership of province like Canada. But to the amazement of candidates, the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the immigration department of Canada has invited the immigrants with lowest qualifying marks.

In the latest and 9th Express Entry Draw, the qualifying marks that are put are quite low as well as the invitation, which is called is huge in numbers.

Some important information of the Express Entry Draw of 2017

If anybody is interested applying for the EE Draw 2017, he or she must clear of the basic features of Express Entry Draw 2017. Let us have a look.

  1. Date of opening of the draw- The date of opening of the draw is April 12, 2017
  2. Date of ending of the draw- The date of ending of the draw is April 13, 2017
  3. The qualifying marks, CRS – The CRS marks or you can say that the qualifying marks of the 9th EE Draw are 423 points
  4. The number of candidates to be invited- IRCC has planned to invite 3, 923 candidates during the 9th EE Draw 2017

This is one of the outstanding draws of all the time

Those who are looking for the pleasant news from IRCC, this draw is actually an impeccable surprise to have. This draw has actually sidelined the basic speculations and made candidates a bit relaxed as per the CRS scores and the number of candidates to be invited for the Canadian PR (Permanent Residency). This time, the Express Entry Draw has totally changed the past records and brought the level of CRS points to 423.

The happiness does not limit here but extends further as the number of candidates to be called for the EE Draw is 3,923.

So, all in all, the new has not only created the happiness among those who are looking for Canadian PR but also, it has brought a hope of definite success.

The launch of the 9th Draw is unexpected

As they say that happiness comes in the bundle, the 9th Draw of Express Entry for the Canadian PR has set the new goal. This time, the 9th Draw is pre-launched within one week that in the last draw.

Therefore, it is estimated that this EE Draw will definitely come up with positive surprises. However, with such surprising factors, it has mostly fulfilled the deed.

The advantage of this 9th draw

Although, there are plenty of advantages with this 9th Express Entry Draw, however, the biggest is that it has low CRS score of 423. Also, why this is called as the biggest surprise because IRCC has never reduced the marks so far.

Over to you

With the good news of the increase in a number of applications and reduction in the CRS score, this is time now to prepare all your papers and get ready. What required is to get in touch with the Council of Canadian Immigration and get started.

Frankly, it is 9th Express Entry Draw is the golden time to apply for the Canadian PR.

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