Business Owner Permanent Visa Australia

Acknowledge Yourself with Business owner visa Australia

Australia is the top most immigration destination all over the world. It offers large number of opportunities to the new immigrants, especially to the one who enters australia on study visa, skilled immigration visa, business visa and more. Australian country basically attracts foreigners with its high wages, cultural diversity, high employment rates, world class cities and most organised point based system as well. Each year australia give chance to trained and skilled candidates to come, work, stay and get settled permanently in the country.  If you are looking for the best player entry opportunities in the country. So, Business Owner Permanent Visa Australia can be highly or greatly suitable. As this visa enables candidates to gain valuable business experience in Australia.

Business owner visa (subclass 890)

Business owner visa (subclass 890) is a permanent immigration visa.  This visa is for those individuals or candidates who have an existing and new business in Australian country.

Key requirement of business owner visa (subclass 890)

Here is the entire list of key requisites of business owner visa australia are as follows-

  • You must hold any one visa from the following visa including- subclass 160 (provisional visa), senior executive subclass 161, investor visa subclass 162, state/territory sponsored business owner visa subclass 163, state/territory sponsored sponsored senior executive visa subclass 164, state/ territory sponsored investor visa subclass 165.
  • You must have stayed in Australia on this visa for 1 year out of 2 years before submitting visa application.
  • You have operated a business for at 2 years in Australia.
  • It is necessary for you to meet all the condition of business visa.
  • You must have genuine commitment to maintain an investment in Australian country.
  • It is mandatory for you and your partner to hold good health and moral conduct to get this visa.

Privileges of business owner visa australia-

Here are the benefits of business owner visa australia-

  • After obtaining or acquiring business owner visa, you can live and work in Australian country as long as you want.
  • Business owner visa holders are allowed to enroll in medicare, health related care and other expenses as well.
  • You can gain Australian citizenship after a while if you meet all the certain requirements.
  • You can exit and enter australia for at least 5 years.
  • you will also be allowed to sponsor or welcome your relatives in Australia.

If you want to apply for business owner visa program for australia. Consult any reliable and professional immigration agent who is capable enough to guide you regarding this immigration visa for australia. For gaining business owner visa, it is necessary for all the individuals to get aware of it properly. You will surely find the best and trustworthy immigration consultancy firms on internet. Better to consult with the best consultancy firm to obtain business owner visa australia. After obtaining this visa, you will get a chance to do business in Australia for an indefinite time period.

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