Job seeker visa in Germany

Advantages and Disadvantages of a German Job Seeker Visa

Germany job seeker visa is an extremely coveted opportunity for those who seek to work here. Not only this visa provides you an opportunity to explore the landscape of this country to find out where you would like to live, but also look for high paying employment opportunities. These employment opportunities should commensurate with your working experience and skills. The German job seeker visa is only available for those who have the right education which should be in the 4 educational backgrounds of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.

Australian citizens can easily stay in this country for a period of 3 months because of the Schengen agreement. They don’t need a visa to enter this country for the tourism purpose. They can choose, to continuously stay for 3 months, or choose to stay intermittently for the same duration, in a 6 month period only on their passport due to the Schengen agreement. But they can’t search for a job on this visa. For searching for meaningful employment, they also need a job seeker visa.

Benefits of a job seeker visa

The job seeker visa is quite beneficial in the sense that you become proficient in the German language and its environment. Apart from that, you get to arrange accommodation here.

However, all the time and effort which has been spent in Germany to get the visa can be totally wasted once you don’t get a call after an interview. However, if you get the call after the interview, you can then get a provisional residence permit of Germany if you have a 1-year job offer in hand.

How to clear the hurdle of an interview?

In Germany, there are some rules which have to be understood well for getting a job. First, you have to make sure that the company has received the resume. The invitation for the interviews comes 3 weeks after you have sent your resume unless you have applied to smaller companies, where the invitation comes much earlier.

A phone interview is conducted first by the company. This interview which is done by the HR lets them know how much interested you are in doing the job and how much worthy you are of it. Prior to your interview, you should have information about the company and get some in-detail information related to the company like what is the company really known for and the USP of its products and processes. Once you know a lot about the company, it would be easier for you to be able to negotiate your salary in the final round because you can assess how much the company needs you.

On the day of the interview, make sure that you are at the venue not at all late. The candidate should not waste a lot of time, in providing information about himself. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your prospective employer is willing to listen to your frustration about your ex-employer. Instead, you should tell him the reasons as to why you are choosing this company because you think that working here will add to your personal development.

Also, you should be able to present a valid reason as to why you left your last job.

Cons of getting this visa

Not getting selected in a German job

Getting the job in this country is not so easy. You need 5 years of work experience, so only get the Germany job seeker visa once you have this much experience.

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