Canadian PR visa from USA

Americans Want to Leave the US and Head for Canada

About 25% of the Americans who wish to leave the US want to move to Canada. This is according to the Gallup Survey that also notes that this desire has increased after the election of Donald Trump. About 16% of the survey responders wanted to leave mid-way through Trump’s term compared to the 10% of those under Obama and 11% under George Bush.


More people belonged to the lower age category bracket. Among the 15 to 29-year-olds, 30% wanted to leave. Of this, women constituted 40%. American women, especially the younger set, wanted to leave the U.S. permanently.  Political polarization was on the increase in the U.S. with the newest manifestation being the desire to migrate being influenced by the “Trump Effect.”


Before Trump took office, the desire to migrate was not influenced by the liking or disliking for their president. The number of people who wished to go to Canada has definitely increased, but there is as yet no indication of this in actual practice. From January 2017 to March 2018 period, the number of Americans, who got permanent Canadian citizenship, were just over 1000 more than that during the Obama administration.

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