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I Have Applied in Express Entry Program. What Are My Chances for Ontario Pnp?

Well, it depends if you are eligible under any one of the three immigration categories common between Ontario Express Entryand Express entry. Ontario immigration happens under the Ontario Express Entry under which this province welcomes labor. However, to be picked up for ITA (Invitation To apply) for permanent residency under this scheme either you must have employer nomination, be a Ph.D. holder or master’s degree holder from this province or must have sufficient funds to make an investment. The last way to be picked up for permanent residency by the government of this province is to be applicable under any of the three schemes mentioned below:

  • French Speaking Skilled Worker

    Under this category those workers are eligible for getting selected, who already fulfill all the conditions for the Federal Skilled Worker program which is applicable under Express Entry system.

Apart from that, the candidates should have a good score in French of CLB 7 which implies the following scores in the Test d’évaluation de français:

  • Reading 207-232
  • Writing 310-348
  • Listening 249-279
  • Speaking 310-348

Besides these scores, the candidates should have a minimum score of CLB6 in IELTS.

The candidates who meet the conditions of the Canadian Experience class category are also eligible for this visa provided they get the above-mentioned scores in the French language.

  • Human Capital Priorities Stream

    The candidates can qualify for this steam provided they already have created a profile in the express entry system and are valid for getting an ITA either under the federal skilled worker and Canadian experience class categories.

  1. A candidate should be holding a bachelor degree from Canada or even more than this qualification.
  2. He should have a total CRS score of 400 in the Express Entry system.
  • Skilled trades stream:

    Under this category, a candidate should have work experience Canada, specifically Ontario. The following are the eligibility criteria:

  1. The candidate does not need to apply under the Express Entry System to be eligible for getting selected for Ontario immigration. He can directly apply to Ontario Express Entry for this stream.
  2. He should also have a trade license from the certifying authority of Ontario College of Trades for pursuing his employment in Ontario.
  3. So, the candidate should be already living in Ontario via a work permit.
  4. He should be able to gain an employment experience of one year from the date he gets his notification of interest for Ontario Express Entry i.e. he should have an offer of employment for 1 year valid for two years at the time of receiving his Notification of Interest. This job offer should be in the 72,82 or 73 which are three major occupation groups listed in NOC.
  5. The candidate only needs to have IELTS scores equivalent to CLB5.
  6. Since the candidate is already living in Ontario at the time of application, he is valid for immigration Canada under Canadian Experience Class.

The last stage is to get a  Notification Of Interest which implies that the candidate ‘s profile has been selected for application to OntarioExpress Entry. After that, he is likely to get an ITA for application once he agrees to it and then his CRS score gets increased by 600 points.

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