How to Apply for the Australia business Owner Visa copy

How to Apply for the Australia Business Owner Visa

The Business Owner Visa to Australia is for the individuals who own and manage business in Australia and will able to travel in and out of Australia for five years.

You must have any one of the following provisional visa, then you might able to get the business owner permanent visa Australia:

  • Business owner (provisional) visa
  • Senior executive (provisional) visa
  • Investor (provisional) visa
  • State or territory sponsored business owner (provisional) visa
  • State or territory sponsored senior executive (provisional) visa
  • State or territory sponsored investor (provisional) visa

Before applying for business Owner permanent Visa Australia, you should follow the basic requirement:

  • You should have to live for 12 months in Australia immediately before lodging for the Business owner visa.
  • Most importantly you should not be involved in any illegal or criminal business activities.
  • Also, all the conditions required for provisional business visa must be fulfilled by the applicant.
  • You should have good health.
  • You must have enough money do that you can initial expenses, and also you should not have any depts. To Australian Government.
  • Also, you should have to employed at least 2 full time Australian permanent residents, Australian citizen or New Zealand passport holder and also, they should not be your family member.
  • At least your business that is operating in Australia must have lodged BAS Australian Taxation Office for the past two years and together should have upset of at least AUD300 000.
  • Throughout the 12 months immediately before you apply, net value of your business assets has been at least AUD250 000.

How to apply for business owner visa to Australia:

Firstly, you have to check whether you are satisfying the conditions of Department of immigration and border protection (DIBP) to ensure your eligibility criteria.

After this ensure that you are fulfilling the eligibility requirements for state nomination in South Australia. After reading terms and conditions and confirming that you are satisfying the all conditions, submit the online application for state nomination of South Australia.

You will get the state government signed copy of form 949, only if you are approved for state sponsorship. This you will need to include in your visa application to DIBP to apply for Business Owner permanent Visa. While filing for application for visa you must be in Australia.

Documents required for your state sponsorship application:

  • You should have valid travel document like passport.
  • You should have evidence of residency in South Australia for the past 2 years.
  • All the certificated related to your business-like certificate of registered business name, ASCI reports, trust deed, partnership documents, economic benefits to South Australia.
  • Completed immigration from 949.

Business owner permanent visa give you the privilege to live in Australia indefinitely. Also you can apply for citizenship after attaining some requirements. This visa allows you to move in and out in Australia for five years and many more benefits you can enjoy. This visa can cost you AUD 2225 and some additional costs such as for health assessments, police certificate or for any other certificates.

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