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How to Apply Canada Pnp Program in 2017-18 ?

When I think, of Canada PNP programs, I get so confused. There is a separate list of professions which is applicable to each of these Provincial Nominee Programs for getting Canada immigration. I just don’t understand how to know, which of these lists to apply. And the worst part is that they all close before you even become aware of what to do.

I had applied to one of these PNPs but didn’t get the Notification of Interest. So, this time, I went to a consultancy called Nile immigration and everything happened in a hurdle free manner for me. Their counsellors were aware of the requirements for each of these provinces. The best part was that a case manager was assigned to me who asked me why I wanted to immigrate, she was someone with precise knowledge.

She asked questions about my educational background, calculated the points and was quick to reply about the province I should apply for with my points. I didn’t know, before coming to this consultancy that one can apply for a PNP through an Express Entry profile also.

Like everybody else, I thought that to be eligible under the Ontario PNP, you must have an employment opportunity waiting for you(Ontario General Category). However, my case manager informed me that although both these conditions do apply, Ontario also picks up its immigrants from the express entry pool under the following two categories:

Human Capital Stream:

Under this stream, you will have to prove that you truly are a special resource for Ontario, to be chosen. The candidate, therefore, should have a special score of at least 400 express entry points. So, this kind of score is attainable by candidates who have work experience in Canada. A 12 months work experience is mandatory. This work experience should also be recent. So, anyone must have worked for one year in Canada and that too in the 5 years which elapsed before getting notification of interest from the province of Ontario

  • French-speaking skilled worker stream: I was applicable under this stream which requires a candidate to have a specialized knowledge of the French language which can be proven after he gets a great score(CLB7) in TEF. Apart from this score, a good level of proficiency in English is required which should be as high as 6.0 in IELTS. Apart from that, work experience in the country of Canada is also needed. The candidates can apply for this stream either through the Canadian Experience Class route or the federal skilled worker program route. Both of these routes require candidates to have work experience in Canada for a minimum 12 months.

The consultancy also explained to me how much money should I show in my accounts to be approved for an ITA. They helped me with everything so that it could happen so easily for me. They booked the dates of TEF and IELTS exams on my behalf.

They also applied for me as per Ontario PNP when I got the notification of interest from them.

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