How to Apply Canada visitor Visa from India?

Are you looking for somebody to guide you through the process of applying for Canada Tourist Visa? For Indian passport holders, the process is definitely a complicated one. There is a lot of documentation, waiting and advance booking involved in it. To avoid hassles, you can apply online for an eTourist visa with your Indian passport through iVisa.

Applying for Canada Tourist Visa

You can either apply online or offline.

  1. The steps are clearly stated in The Canada VFS Official site.
  2. Either you fill your form online or download them from CIC – Application Forms.
  3. Indian passport holders will not require Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).
  4. A VFS Consent Form and waiver form need to be signed and submitted.
  5. You can opt for two types of visa:
    1. Single-entry visa: You will only be allowed once to come to Canada.
    2. Multiple-entry visa: You are allowed to come here again. It expires in 10 years, or a month before the expiry of your passport.

Applying Online

The application can be filled online. Keep the most recent version of Adobe Reader to do your signature electronically in the form. You can also download it here.

You will need validation to help generate a barcode at the bottom of the form’s page. After the validation, print the necessary forms.

Applying Offline

You have to print all the forms and fill them and sign wherever necessary offline. You can also go through the instruction guide below.

Documents Necessary for Canada Tourist Visa

Documents are the most important when applying for a Canada Tourist Visa. Go through the checklist and make sure you have all the documents. You will need a cover letter that summarizes your purpose of visit, duration of visit, place of stay, travel history to other countries, management of expenses, invitation letter (if present) and mention if you are requesting for a single-entry or multiple-entry visa.

Mention the documents that you are submitting along with your cover letter.

  • Bank Statement of 6 months
  • Employment pay slips
  • Itinerary details/invitation letter
  • Details of asset if applying for a stay above 3 months duration. This will include fixed deposit, property details, etc.

You need to have enough funds that can help you sustain in Canada. Also, mention the date of return. Apart from the documents, you will have to finish and sign the:

  • VFS Consent Form
  • Waiver form


Book only after your passport as well as visa are stamped. Hotel bookings can be done using See that your hotel has a full refund policy. After your visa is approved, book your stay at any place you like. The hotel may ask you for some document submission, you can use your rental agreement in that case.

To Apply for the Visa

India has nine visa centers. Documents can be submitted in the VFS center. If applying for your whole family, a single person has tovisit the center and submit the necessary documents. To submit for anybody else, you might have to fill up an additional form i.e. Use of a Representative.

You can also courier the documents. Going through travel agents may also be convenient if there isn’t any VFS center in the city.

  • Method of payment – Online or Cash
  • Check all the necessary details

Processing Time

The processing time is usually about 33 working days for Canada Visitor Visa.

Total Cost

Visa Fee: 4950 INR

Courier Fee: 351 INR

Service Charge: 726 INR

Remittance Charge and GC Fee Collection: 104 INR

Service Charge for SMS: 49 INR

Important Links

  • Email: [email protected]
  • CIC Official Website for Canada Visitor Visa
  • Checklist and Forms


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