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How to Apply for Canadian Experience Class?

The reason why one should opt to live in Canada needs no explanation. It’s true that Canada has the best topography and living here after Canada immigration involves being amidst ethereal natural beauty.The beauty of this country is in its seven lakes. The population density here is not much due to which its easy to live here. Apart from that, the land area is also large, due to which it is the 4th largest country in the world.

The Canadian experience class(CEC) is a part of the Express Entry program of this country. So, it’s easy to immigrate to this land on this visa. However, this visa category has some mandatory conditions which have to be followed by anybody looking to immigrate on this visa:

  • Legal work Experience in Canada is a must: Any candidate who is looking forward to getting a Canada PR on this visa category should have worked in Canada for a period of one year. This experience should be held in the 3 years which immediately precede your application. The candidate should have worked in Canada on a legal work permit or a study permit.
  • Language restrictions: The candidate should have scored CLB 7 in IELTS which is a must if he wants to follow professions related to NOC skill types, 0 and A in Canada. He needs to get a score of CLB 6 and below to be eligible for professions related to skill type pertaining to NOC code B in Canada. However, his English language score can’t be below CLB 5.0 in IELTS for the CECExpress Entryvisa category for him to be eligible for code B of professions.
  • If a candidate does not feel comfortable with the English language, he can also appear for the French language exams i.e. The candidate can also certify his expertise in French if he wants to get to Canada on the CEC visa category. Under that situation, his score levels have to be more than NCLC 5 or more, then he can be eligible for profession types B pertaining to NOC, when he has a score of NCLC 5 or 6 in TEF. However to be eligible for profession types 0, A he has to get a score of NCLC 7-9. For NCLC, 7 or more, he gets 30 points provided he gets CLB 5 in English.
  • Proficiency in the second language: If a candidate who has the same years of experience and English language expertise as another candidate, then a candidate who has proved French to be his second official language can also get extra points. The candidate gets 24 points for scoring NCLC 5 in the TEF exam.
  • However, if he chooses to prove English as his second official language instead of French and gets NCLC 7 for French, he can get 30 Express entry points for French expertise and 24 if he scores CLB5 in English.

However, there can be competition among candidates who are looking for immigration under this category depending on their years of experience. Its because candidates with a higher number of working years in Canada get more points. A candidate with 5 or more years of experience in Canada gets 70 points which make him eligible for getting picked up in the Express Entry draw and receiving the extremely-desirable Invitation to Apply.

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