How to Apply for Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class or the CEC is the class of immigration category which is designed for the Canada’s foreign workers who want to become the permanent residents of Canada. The ultimate candidates for CEC are the temporary foreign workers who are working in Canada and want to gain the permanent residency. After obtaining Canadian work experience they become eligible for getting settled in the Canadian Society and create the networks in the communities and excel in their career to support the workforce of Canada with CEC.

Before applying for the Canadian Experience Class you are required to know that the application for CEC is processed through the Express Entry selection system for the immigration to Canada. The applicants are also required to make EOI or Expression of Interest in migrating to Canada as permanent resident, make online Express Entry profile and receive the Invitation to Apply for permanent residence or CEC.

What are Requirements of Canadian Experience Class?

Before applying for Canadian Experience Class, the applicants need to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements set for the application process.

  • The applicants must have at least 1-2 years of skilled, technical or professional work experience in Canada within the 36 months of application date.
  • The applicants must meet the Canadian Language Benchmark or the CLB of 5 initial intermediate or 7 adequate intermediate proficiency
  • The applicants need to prove that they are planning to work and live in the province or the territory they are currently working

The applicants need to ensure that they will remain in Canada throughout the application process. The application of Canadian Experience Class is also open for those applicants that are no longer staying and working in Canada, however they need to apply for the Canadian Experience Class within 3 years of leaving the job in Canada.

The application process and requirements for Canadian Experience Class actually based on the fail or pass model and the minimum requirement must be met in order to become eligible for the entry to the Express Entry Pool.

How to Apply for Canadian Experience Class?

If you are eligible to apply for the Canadian Experience Class category, then you need to create and submit the profile to the Express Entry. It is the online application system for the economic immigration categories like the Canadian Experience Class.

  • Applicants need to ensure that they met the minimum requirements that are set for the Canadian Experience Class. They must at least have 1-2 years of skilled, professional and technical experience in Canada and apply for CEC within 36 months of leaving the job or the country,
  • The applicants also need to provide skilled work experience prove along with Canadian National Occupational Classification
  • They also need to provide details of their qualifications and language proficiency in English

After creating and submission of the application for Canadian Experience Class category, they need to wait till they get the approval and invitation was received.

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