How To Apply For Canadian Pr?

The ideal way for applying for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) visa is through the System of Express Entry. It is a brand new point based system which grants PR to persons on the basis of three main streams:

 In this online system, candidates must create an online profile and submit an EOI (Expression of Interest). All profiles submitted in the Express Entry System get points for CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).

Points are granted on basis of various criteria like Education, Age, Work experience, Language proficiency etc. The CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) conduct a draw on fortnight basis to select candidates as per their CRS score. The chosen candidates get an ITA (invitation to Apply) for a Canadian PR.

Who can apply for Canada PR from India?

Candidates can apply for Canadian PR under one of 6 categories:

  • Skilled worker class
  • Business class
  • Nomination by Provinces
  • Family class
  • International adoption
  • Quebec selected immigration

Skilled Worker Class:

Applicants are evaluated on basis of language proficiency, education, age, work experience, employment offer and adaptability. Each factor is evaluated individually and overall score determines potential for PR. Combined score ranges from 0 to 100 with 65 set as minimum for PR.

Business Class

There are 3 types of candidates in this class:

  • Self-employed,
  • entrepreneurs
  • Investors

Investors must have net worth of C $800,000 and invested C$ 400,000 in the Canadian economy. Entrepreneurs must have a net worth of C$ 300,000, must be able to manage a business and must create at least one full time job ( for others) in Canada within 3 years of PR. Self employed persons must have intention and ability to create  a job for themselves.

Provincial Nomination

If you are targeting a particular Canadian province for immigration, this process allows provinces to nominate candidates. For this candidates must contact officials of the province.


If close family members are citizens of Canada, they can help you secure PR in Canada. Around 30% of immigrants to Canada come via the family sponsorship route. Citizens of Canada are encouraged by the govt. to sponsor family members to come to Canada for 3 to 10 years to help them settle in Canada.


There is separate procedure for immigrating to Quebec which consists of following categories:

  • Business persons
  • Permanent workers
  • Students
  • Temporary workers
  • Sponsored refugees
  • Families


Under this Canadian citizens are allowed to adopt children from foreign countries.

To start the process of getting a PR visa, contact the nearest Canadian High Commission. Basic requirements of getting a PR visa are:

  • Medical certificate
  • Criminal record check
  • File and submit PR visa application
  • Pay fee for application
  • Attend interview with immigration officials

In addition, following may also be required

  • Originals and copies of documents supporting the application
  • Proof of funds to support initial stay period in Canada.
  • Test for skill assessment
  • Proof of status as refugee
  • Results of language tests
  • Additional fees

These are some of the aspects about getting a Canadian PR.

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