How to Apply for the Permanent Resident Visa for Australia from India copy

How to Apply for the Permanent Resident Visa for Australia from India

The Permanent resident Visa (PR Visa) for Australia is for the people who want to work and live in Australia. Australia is very advanced country and everyone wants to migrate to Australia. Indians are considered as highly educated and skilled and if you have skills and experience then you can apply for PR Visa for Australia from India.

The Australia PR Visa requirement for Indian citizens are as follows:

  • You should have appropriate certificates to prove your proficiency in English Language, i.e. you should provide your IELTS Score.
  • The occupation for which you are applying must be in appropriate Skilled Occupation List (SOL),
  • You should have the appropriate skills and experience for the job you are applying for,
  • Your skills should have been gauge by a gauging authority acknowledged in Australia,
  • You required to meet the character and health criteria

If you are skilled and experienced Indian than you can apply for the Permanent resident Visa for Australia through following ways:

  • Skilled Independent (subclass 189) Visa: This Visa is an independent Visa and it does not require any nomination from state or sponsorship.
  • State nominated Visa: It is the special and slightly different document that sets up the platform for the state nominated permanent Visa and also it requires the nomination from state or territory government agencies in Australia. It comes under the subclass 190 category.
  • Employee nomination scheme (subclass 186): This Visa is the employer sponsored permanent Visa, for applying for this Visa you first have to acquire a job offer from Australia.
  • Spouse and partner Visa: This Visa requires the sponsorship from your spouse or partner.


The Skilled independent (subclass 189) Visa is the easiest pathway to apply for PR Visa for Australia, as this Visa does not require any sponsorship or nomination from any Australian employer or Australian state. Through this pathway you will be nominated through your skills and education. For this you have to first select your occupation from SOL and after, on the basis of factors like English language proficiency, work experience, education, age, EOI must get more 60 points so that you can get invitation to apply (ITA). If you got selected then you will get ITA and through ITA receipt, you have to file the Visa application within 60 days, attaching all the necessary documents.

State nominated Visa (subclass 190) another way for applying to get PR Visa for Australia from India. The required documents for applying for subclass 190 Visa is same as for applying for subclass 189 Visa. But in this case, you must have the skills that the nominating state required. Recently several states of Australia have released the skilled occupation lists. You may choose the appropriate skill and can apply for point test through skill select system.

Like all other Visas if you satisfied all Australia PR Visa requirement for Indian citizens, you can enjoy many benefits, as you can live indefinite time in Australia, after completing your initial years of this Visa, you can also apply for permanent citizenship residents and can enjoy all the subsidized and health services like Australian citizens.

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