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How to Apply for Subclass 189 Visa

General skilled migration pathway for Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is the type of working visa which can help the skilled workers from foreign country to gain permanent residency in Australia to live and work there. This is the type of visa which is designed mainly for the skilled workers from foreign countries that meet the point test requirements and are not sponsored by the employer, family member or m\nominated by the territory or state government in Australia.

What is the Point Test Requirements?

The interested skilled workers from across the world who want to become eligible to work and stay in Australia need to secure highest score in the point test. This is the test that is mainly used to assist the Australian employers to choose the right applicant that boast the required skills and attributes. The points that you need to pass depend on the type of subclass of visa that you are applying for. You can receive points for a number of reasons including:

  • Your present age
  • The skills you have
  • The specific occupation
  • English language ability or proficiency
  • Your Australian work experience or Australian qualifications

The Key Requirements for Applying Subclass 189 Visa

In order to successfully apply for the subclass 189 visa, you need to:

  • Select the occupations listed in the Skilled Occupation List of Australia
  • At least score over 60 points based on your profile factor including English Proficiency, Experience, Qualifications, Age, and other important components if applicable
  • You must be below the age of 50
  • You need to have positive skill assessment from any certified assessing authority
  • You must have scored highest point in IELTA exam to prove your English Proficiency
  • Get the health card and character certificate
  • Submit the Expression of Interest or EOI

The Cost of Subclass 189 Visa

  • Independent Subclass 189 Visa would cost you $3670
  • Dependent Applicant fees 18 and over – $1835
  • Dependent Applicant fess under 18 is $920

How to Apply for Australian Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa?

  • Step one – You are required to ensure if the occupation you are skilled in is available on the list of Australia STSOL Occupation List of Skilled Subclass 189 Visa prior to applying for the visa.
  • Step Two – Being the applicant you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements which you need to meet so as to apply for the subclass 189 visa.
  • Step Three – You must ensure to complete the Skills Assessment Test. In the test you need to acquire highest score so as to become eligible for the Subclass 189 Visa. The score must be equal or greater than the specific score on the letter invitation.
  • Step Four – Now you need to submit the Expression of Interest through the SkillSelect. There are a variety of questions that will be asked related to qualifications, skills and abilities and other history. EOI will be reviewed by the employers and authorities and hire you based on your skills and they will invite you with the letter for the subclass 189.

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