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How To Apply Tourist Visa For Australia From India

Traveling is something almost everyone loves. Some people have something called as the wanderlust, which is the lust for wandering to different places along with admiring the place and the beauty. The world is full of undiscovered wonders for many people, and only when they travel to such places will they know anything. Be it within the country or outside the country. There are many places along with their culture and tradition that cannot be missed out on. The same applies to the beautiful country and continent Australia. Many people, in general, go there to either study, work or a casual vacation. For each of this type, a visa is required. One apply tourist visa for Australia from India, if they wish to travel to that country for vacation purposes.

The land of natural wonders

Australia is one of the few countries where one can see nature and wildlife as it is. They have an exotic variety of animals and plants which cannot be found elsewhere. Along with that, the environment of the tourist spots in the country is something that should be seen. If one wants to go to this country for just vacation, then they must apply something called the tourist visa. One can apply for a tourist visa through the agency through which they are booking the tickets, or they can send the required details for the visa to the Australia High Commission which is in New Delhi. Most people might think the tourist visa and a visitor’s visa are the same, but they are not. A tourist visa needs information of when you are going and coming whereas the visitor’s visa does not require that.

  • The tourist visa

Applying for a tourist visa is quite simple. One can either apply for a tourist visa on their own or through an agency if they are planning a vacation through one. It is a simple process which involves sending all the correct documents and the details to the agency or the Australian High    Commission directly.

  • The process for the visa

The procedure for australian tourist visa from india involves in sending the details required by the Australian High Commission such the to and fro dates along with tickets, two passport size  photographs, copies of passports both old and new, income tax of the last three years and bank transactions of the last six months, a copy of the travel itinerary with the details of all the passengers and where they are going to stay, tourist forms. Additional documents such as a person’s leave statement from the company or if he/she is self-employed then a certificate of the company and a cover letter stating all the details company’s financial details must be sent,   if it is a college student then a No Objection Certificate from the college needs to be issued and a hard copy of the college id card. If a person is above the age of 75 then they must meet the medical requirements set by the Australian government.

While applying through an agency one can pay a certain amount of money and get the visa approved quickly. While applying on their own, one can send all the documents with a letter to the Australia High Commission and wait for a while for the visa to get approved. With the help of a tourist visa every travel spot is just at your doorstep.

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