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How to Apply for Visitor Visa to Australia

Australia is a top destination in the world for tourists globally. Around 450,000 tourists arrive in Australia every month. In the case, you are not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, you require a valid visa to travel to Australia.

A Visitor Visa will permit you to enter Australia for spending an amusing holiday, visitingfriends and family or makinga short business trip. You must learn how to apply visa for Australia from India online.

Visa Regulations:

Tourists arrive in Australia for a variety of reasons: like holiday, sightseeing, business trips, studies and other social reasons. There is also the occasion where you will pass through Australia on your way to any other country.

Whatever be the case: whether you are a visitor to Australia taking time of a period of 72 hours or less or wish to remain here for a few months, you should have an Australian visa.

There is also the case of students arriving In Australia for pursuing education in the country. If they want to spend a definite time in an acceptededucational institution in Australia, they must have a temporary visa.

There are basically 3 types of visas for visitors to Australia which can be applied online if they intend to stay here for tourism or business reasons:

  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)- Subclass 601
  • Visitor Visa- Subclass 600
  • eVisitor- Subclass 651.

Tourism consists of recreation, visits to family and friends and sightseeing. Business visits are that for attending conferences or taking part in any negotiations.

Persons coming for medical treatment must apply for Health Treatment Visa (subclass 602). In case of passing via Australia, you need a Transit Visa (subclass 771). Anyone who wishes applying for Australian visa online must possess alegal passport. You can also apply online for a visa extension.

Features Of (Subclass 600) Visitor Visa

By using this visa, any person can come to Australia for leisure or business purposes for 3, 6, or 12 months. You have to submit a fee for applying for this visa. For some candidates, there may be a discount or even waiving of fees. For instance, eVisitor visa has zero fees. For ETA, a nominal fee is charged but this visa is available for citizens of 30 countries only. Thus, paying fees for Australia visa depends on type of visa for which you are applying.

Visa Application

Utmost vigilance and care must be used for filling the form of application for Australian visa. When an Indian wish to apply for visa to Australia, he must send an application to Australian High Commission, in New Delhi. What documents may be required along with application depends on the category of visa, for which one is applying.

When you are ready with application form and other documents, you can identify and contact the nearest centre for visa application for visa to Australia. This can be done in person or via a representative. You must read carefully all security regulations and follow all instructions, before contacting such centres.

After applying for Australia visa, you can keep track of application. Processing time will be stipulated as per which subclass of visa you have applied for.

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