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Australia: Best Place to Get Immigrated

Australia is popularly known for its phenomenal landscapes and scenic beauty. The vigorous and dynamic land holds an abundance of great festivals, cultures, lavish food and wine.

Australia is the highly preferred country in the universe for abroad studies. Here is the entire list of advantages you may find useful or interesting for Australia permanent residence visa

  • Inexpensive cost of living.
  • Standard of education.
  • Top ranking universities.
  • Low fee courses.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • Great employment opportunities.
  • Provision of part time jobs.
  • Easy visa.

Australia is well adverse with pleasant population and highly ranked in international comparison such as education, quality of life, health and economic freedom.

Most of the people live in the thought or realization that immigrating to Australia is the most difficult process. In fact, migrating to Australian continent is one of the easiest processes.

For Indians, Australia has only three immigration programs who wants to settle and work in Australia permanently.

Here is the quick list of programs under Australian immigration are as follows-

  • Skilled independent subclass 189 visa

Skilled independent subclass 189 visa is for those people who are qualified and skilled in terms of experience and education but doesn’t have a designation from an Australian employer or territory/state or financed by a person living in Australia as a citizen or resident. Education and experience is most important to get the Australia PR visa. This visa licenses migrants to live and work in Australia for a long time as a PR of Australia.

  • Skilled nominated first class 190 visa

Australia skilled nominated first class 190 visa is permanent resident based visa. It is for skilled workers who want to live and work in Australia and who have been nominated by an Australian territory. Eligible candidates have to score at least 60 to qualify in the skilled migration test. The application relies on the applicant meeting the norm for eligibility. If the applicant is selected then he is expected to to live at least two years in the country.

  • Skilled regional (provisional) subclass 489 visa

This is a 4 year provisional visa that requires visa holders to work and live in the particular area, in order to get Australian permanent resident visa. Nevertheless, you have to choose an occupation from the applicable list of occupation and require getting help from the particular territory in Australia.

How to get started?

If you are willing to work & live in Australia, but not sure where to start, firstly, the selection is done on the basis of Australia’s point grid. It is completely based on education, work, age, language skills, experience etc. It is necessary for to candidate to score minimum 60 points to get eligible for the above skilled visas of Australia. Candidates can check their points with the help of Australian immigration points calculator.

With points, there is some other eligibility basis for Australia immigration that all the candidates require to come into consideration before applying for any subclass of Australia permanent residence visa.

It is based on your point score, you will get an ITA from the Australian immigration authorities after submission of “expression of interest” online.

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