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Australia catches fake marriage scams in order to get the PR of this country

Australia has warned Indian nationals who want to live in Australia on a PR about the marriage scams. These marriage scams are actually about trapping Indians to marry Australian citizens in a bid to get the permanent residency of this country. Australian Border Force discovered a fake marriage syndicate operated in Sydney by an Indian citizen.

Apart from this 32-year Indian citizen who was the mastermind behind this syndicate, 4 citizens of Australia have also been accused of being a part of this scam. These citizens were responsible for canvassing Australians to marry the “noncitizens (Indians)” for the latter to get the PR of Australia. In fact, 164 foreigners(Indians) who were trapped in this fake marriage scam of Australia have not been able to get the PR of this country. These candidates had also doled out so much money to get the PR of this country. After Canada, Australia is the second most popular immigration destination for Indians.


As per these scams, the Australian Nationals who were pushed into entering these fake marriages for the sake of money were women. These Australian women hailed from poor economic backgrounds and hence easily became targets of such scams.  The investigating commander of ABF Clinton Sims has commented that the scam is just an attempt to take advantage of needy Indian individuals who want to go to Australia. The girls who were part of this scam have actually seen a lot of poverty in their life. Apart from poverty, they have also been part of family violence which led to them getting attracted by this scam. Anyone who is a part of such kind of a scam can also face criminal punishment. In fact, if a registered agent has facilitated this kind of a scam, he can also lose his registration. Mr. Sims has added that “Protecting the integrity of the visa system is an operational priority for the ABF and anyone found to be involved in, or facilitating sham marriages should expect to be investigated and face criminal prosecution. Registered agents and marriage celebrants also face losing their registration,”

Instead of becoming a target of such scams for PR of Australia, you should actually attempt to get PR of Australia through the immigration visas 189 and 190. These visas are actually easier to obtain once professional help is easily available. You have to fight for these visas because Australia government is planning to reduce the number of immigrants who can be given the PR of this country from 1, 90,000 to 160,000. This has been done to ensure that the population of Sydney and Melbourne stays in control. In the words of Scott Morrison who is the Prime Minister of Australia “roads are clogged”. He has also said that “Population growth has played a key role in our economic success. But I also know Australians in our biggest cities are concerned about population.”

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