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Fall in the point score for critical occupations for the Australia immigration subclass 189 visa

Australia has released the new point score for the, pro rata professions in the month of August for the Australia immigration subclass 189 visa. This point score has decreased for some occupations whereas there has been no change in the point score for certain occupations. The new list actually indicates depressing scores for certain occupations for the Australia immigration subclass 189 visa.  Talking about the change in the point scores, the threshold score for “Accountants” has fallen down from 85 to 80 from the month of July to August this year. This point score of 80 was also there in the month of March this year. In fact, there has been a fluctuation in the points for the profile of Accountants from 80 in March, to 85 in July to 80 in August.



The list of occupations and the change in their respective point scores are given as follows

Occupation ANZSCO code Profile Points in July 2018 Points in August 2018 Change in points
2211 Accountants 85 80 -5
2334 Electronics Engineer


75 75  0
2339 Other Engineering Professionals 80 75 -5
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 75 75 0
2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries & Corporate Treasurers 80 80 0
2611 ICT Business and Systems Analyst 80 75 -5
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 75 70 -5
2631 Computer and Network Professionals 75 70 -5


So, with such a high point score, the candidates will find it  complicated to immigrate to this country. They have to opt for the visa 190 Australia to get to this country which isn’t easy. This visa requires that the candidate will have to get the 190 visas by having the occupation included in the MLTSSL/STSOL/ROL list which has a higher probability than the  Australia immigration subclass 189 visa. The conditions for getting the visa 190 Australia are as follows:

You should have obtained a backing from the state government for this visa. This backing is known as a nomination.

  • A candidate can get 5 points for the visa 190 Australia if he has this been smart to get this nomination.
  • Skill assessment is also needed to prove that you have some genuine experience from the home country.
  • Apart from that, some state in Australia must need you at the time you want to apply for the visa 190 Australia. So, the occupations should be a part of the, MLTSSL because of this statewid
  1. Apart from the demand, the states have also specified their own individual conditions for allowing professionals of certain types to work here. So, if an Accountant wants to work in Australia, he must know all the conditions to work here required for this profile, for the visa 190 Australia.
  2. Skill assessment for this profile is also needed by organizations such as CAANZ or CPA. All the three occupations (Management Accountant, Taxation Accountant, And  Accountant(General))which are a part of the ANZSCO code 2211 for Accountants have different professional requirements in Australia for the visa 190 Australia for different states.

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