Investment Immigration Australia

Australian Investment Immigration Visa

Investment Immigrant Visa programs are a way to attract overseas investments and business to the country. Since these visa programs provide citizenship and residency to the financiers in the country, these visa programs are also called as Citizenship by Investment programs. An investment visa is a way for a country to bring in more investment to their nation. By giving investors the benefits of a citizenship and a “right to residency,” the government tries to bring more and more business, and hence capital to their country.

Investment Immigration Australia, subclass 188, is a five year permanent visa which allows one to travel inside and outside of Australia. The visa costs $2225. The applicant needs to submit their interest thought Skill Select. Then, on behalf of the Australian government, they would need to be chosen by either the territory or the state government or Austrade.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You have to be a primary holder of an Investor (Provisional) visa, subclass 162.
  • Have been living in Australia for at least 24 months
  • There is a requirement for you and your family to meet health and character criteria
  • You have held a designated investment of AUD 1.5 m for a duration of four year.

Benefits of the Visa

  • You will be able to own a business in Australia
  • You shall be able to conduct activities related to business in Australia.
  • Be able to take entrepreneurship activities.

Processing Time

The time to process the visa can vary with each individual application. It can be due to the following reasons:

  • The submission of a complete application form, along with all the documents
  • The number of vacancies available for a permanent migration application
  • The time take to make all the necessary checks on the information given
  • The timeliness from your part in responding to the request for additional information
  • The time taken to receive any extra information from third party agencies, especially in relation to health, security and character.
  • Fir applicants applying for citizenships, the time it takes to come to a Citizen Ceremony or to receive a Certificate of Citizenship

Requirements of Business

  • Commitment towards your desire to continue a business in Australia
  • There should be no scandals attributed to your name or to your partners.
  • You, your spouse, etc. have been in continuous hold of designated Australian investment (AUD1 500 000) for four years under the name of yourself or your partner.

The Investment visa programs for Australia, allow you and your family to live in Australia. You can also study in the country. There is a possibility for you to enroll in Australia’s health related schemes. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for citizenship in Australia. You can also be able to sponsor relatives who wish to acquire residency in Australia.

There should a compilations of all the Visa conditions set forth by Australian Laws. Any other information, like the status of your Visa or any other entitlements can be checked on Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)

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