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Is the Australian PR immigration process going to change post-July ‘18? How true are these rumours?

The Australian government has introduced some modifications in March 2018. These modifications will have an impact on the aspiring visa holders for this country.

Australia has recently come up with the 482 visa. This visa is for employer sponsorship only for a short duration. So, an employee if he has someone to take up his application in this country can be on this visa for the highest period of 4 years.

There are 3 streams which have been introduced for this visa respectively which are:

SHORT TERM: As per this stream, the employee can be called to the country of Australia, by an employer if he is willing to sponsor him for the same. The occupations which are approved for such a sponsorship are listed in the temporary shortage skilled list for short-term (TSS(S)) and STSOL.

So, this visa is easy to get hold of compared to the 190 visa and it also allows you to work in Australia. Although an employer can sponsor an employee for 2-4 years as per this visa stream, for a nomination for up to 4 years to be valid, its better to, that the job holder is from a country which is in an ITO agreement with Australia.

Medium term-if you want to avail of this visa, another way is that your occupation should be on the MLTSSL list. Another list which has been introduced for this visa is the Regional Occupation List(temporary skill shortage) list. There are separate lists for TSS(SHORT TERM STREAM) AND TSS (MEDIUM TERM STREAM). Its easier for an employer to nominate someone for 4-year employment in this country. Also, occupations present in the MLTSSL are eligible to be nominated for this stream.

Labor agreements: this is the last stream of this visa an applies to those employers who have agreed to a labor resolution with the DHA.

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