Permanent Residency Visa Australia

Australian PR Process Decoded For Indian Applicants

Being an Indian citizen, are you looking forward to an Australian Permanent Residency (PR)? If this has been your dream since years now, it is time to fulfil it by applying for the Australian Permanent Residency, which is quite a respectable status in the country.

It is not unknown that the Kangaroo Land is one of the popular hotspots for immigrants to settle in permanently. If you want to apply for Australia Permanent Residency from India, there are several visa streams to accommodate your requirements laid by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), such as the Subcategory 190 Visa, Subcategory 189 Visa, etc. You can apply through any of the given categories, provided you fulfil the eligibility requirements.

The majority of the Permanent Residency (PR) candidates have to follow a point based system for Australian Immigration. It will assess your eligibility for the PR status depending on several factors for which you will be receiving points such as, language skills, education, age, employment experience, and so on.

How Will You Apply For the Australian Permanent Residency?

When applying for permanent residency visa Australia, you are required to file a petition under one of the immigration plans made available to you by the DIBP. After doing so, you will have to fulfil a few more requirements, like:

  • You will have to receive the minimum points’ requirement in the online Skill Select test.
  • You will need good English language skills.
  • You will have to submit proof of having a reasonably good character and health. Supporting documents must be provided to prove these.
  • You will have to nominate one of the occupations listed in the present Skilled Occupation List (SOL). If your current profession is not mentioned in the list, you would not be allowed to immigrate through Skill Select.

Process in Steps

After gathering the necessary documents and selecting the visa class you want to apply through, you will be required to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) online in Skill Select. This online arrangement will process through all the EOI requests for Australian Visas. Your profile will be receiving a particular score which has to be at least 60 points.

After that, you will be receiving a reply for the concerned officials. If your profile gets selected, you will be obtaining an invitation to apply for the visa you prefer. At this stage, you will need all your important certifications/documents along with your application form. Present all of them together within 60 days of receiving the invitation.

Once you have it all figured out, you don’t really need to wait anymore for your Australian Permanent Residency. If you have doubts and queries in mind for which you want some detailed explanation, you can get in touch with expert visa agents. They will be able to assist and guide you properly. Having professional support by your side will make the entire process of Australian PR a lot smoother for you.

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