Australia immigration subclass 189

Australian SkilledIndependent Visa for Experienced Workers

For immigrant all over the world, the skilled independent visa in Australia is based on skills and experience. This type of visa is most popular among the immigrants who do not have sponsorship from a family member, an employer, state or territory in Australia.It Also known as 189 independent Visa Australia, the selection for the visa is done on the basis of point scored in a common test. After a qualifying test is passed, an application can be sent to the state or territory of Australia for further process of the visa. Here is some more information you need to know about the features and benefits of 189 independent Visa.

What is skilled independent visa (subclass 189)?

The skilled independent visa (subclass 189) is given to applicants who do not have sponsorship from anyone in Australia or the Australian government in any way. This visa allows the applicant to live and work in the Australia for an indefinite period of time. This means that the applicant and his family members can stay in Australia permanently. To commence the application process for the visa, the first step is to submit an Expression of Interest which is a part of the Skill Select program. The applicant should be nominated by a state or territorial agency on the basis of the Expression of Interest registered with them. After the nomination and invitation is received from the state or territory of Australia, an online application should be submitted within 60 days by the applicant supported by necessary documents.

What does it offer?

This Australia immigration subclass 189 includes a point based system for approval for the visa. It is applicable only for skilled workers nominated by the state or territory, an employer or a government organization. Furthermore, it allows the applicant to live and work on a permanent basis anywhere in Australia.

The visa includes facilities such as health care schemes, basic and advanced education, application for citizenship and providing sponsorship to a relative for permanent residency in Australia.The visa application is inclusive of dependents of the applicant. These dependents may be parents, spouse and children.

What are the requirements for application?

The basic requirements of the visa application are:

  • Should be less than 50 years of age
  • Should possess skills and expertise related to the a qualifying occupation
  • Must be fluent in English as it increases the chances of approval of visa application.
  • Should have a test score of 60 points or more
  • Should be able to qualify certain health and character requirements


The Australian skilled independent visa for experience workers helps applicant without any sponsorship from the Australian government, the state, the territory or relative to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. A successful applicant is granted the visa when all the necessary requirements are fulfilled and the application and nomination is supported by essential documents. The applicant must undergo the SkillSelect program that helps the state and territory to send nominations based on the expression of interest registered with them.

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