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For an Australian Tourist Visa (subclass 600 tourist), how Much are Sufficient Funds?

Yes, a security bond is required starting from AUD5000 to sponsor any relative for this visa. Visa 600 is one of the perfect options before those who want to visit Australia for a short term duration. This visa can be granted for the different durations of three months, or half a year or even a full year.

You can get this visa by just paying AUD 140-1020 Application fees. It’s important for Indian citizens to get this subclass 600 visa outside the country of Australia. At the time of getting this visa and at the making an application, the candidate should not be in Australia. The visa fees are not refundable if your visa application is denied. The eligibility criterion of this visa are as follows:

There are various streams of this visa applicable for the different kinds of prospective visa holders:

  • Tourist stream– The visa holder needs to prove that he has ample money to be able to meet all his outflow of money in this country.
  1. He should undertake activities pertaining to excursion only when he is in Australia.
  2. A mandatory part of getting this visa is to have a health insurance valid for 12 months.
  3. If you have relatives residing in Australia, they can also sponsor you for this visa.
  • Business visitor stream-When you are applying for this visa in this steam, a candidate needs to prove that he has been conducting business for a long time. His intention to do business in Australia should be restricted to the following:
  1. Under this stream, of visa 600, the candidate can only get further knowledge regarding his business about buyers, sellers etc. He can also get further information about a business contract he is about to sign
  2. He can also visit the country on this visa, if he has some business with the Australian government
  3. He can also become a part of those conferences where no payment is being given to him for doing so.
  4. He can’t even make sales on his visit to Australia under this visa.
  5. He can’t even sell goods to any business during his visit on this visa.
  • Frequent traveller stream –This category of 600 visa is applicable to those who need to be in Australia occasionally. The visa is granted for activities of both recreational and business nature. The duration of this visa is 10 years and it has significantly more application charges than other categories of the 600 visa. This visa is only applicable to citizens of China.
  • Sponsored family stream-Under the sponsored family stream, the conditions are a little bit restrictive. Since the sponsorship from family residing in Australia is required, these family members can be either PR holders or citizens of this country. The amount of the security bond can vary. It can start from AUD5000 and usually ends at AUD15,000.
  1. The amount of the bond is paid back to the sponsor once his sponsored visitor goes out of Australia upon expiry of his visitor visa.
  2. This security bond is not mandatory for everyone who is sponsoring a family relative. It depends on the discretion of the Department of immigration and border protection.
  • Approved destination status stream -This visa is only provided to citizens of China who are planning to come to Australia in group tours.

You can easily get all the mandatory help for getting this subclass 600 visa.

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