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Do Australians really like skilled immigrants coming in and developing the country?

There are no problems for Australians in accepting Indians who come here. Its actually true that the kind of acceptance which is provided to immigrants is quite different.

Types of immigrants

The first are those, who are actually citizens of Australia on the verge of their parents being the PR holders of this country. Second are those, who have come to Australia on a study visa, and then get the PR of this country on the basis of their education.

Third category is of those people who have immigrated from countries where English is the first language. The fourth category of immigrants is of those who come from countries like India around the age of 28-35.

Acceptance for immigrants

Now, as far as acceptance is concerned, its quite high for those who have come to Australia from European countries. The acceptance is also high for those whose parents were already Australia PR holders. The second kind of immigrants who have come to Australia by gaining a study visa have problem in adjusting here because they came here when they were quite young. They however are easily able to adapt by working in odd jobs during their education and then working hard to get a normal job. Those with education in this country also have higher chances of getting a job. The Australian employers don’t go for those candidates who don’t have any kind of Australian experience. The students can get some amazing work experience when they decide to work for 40 hours every 15 days which is allowed along with their studies.

The highest time which elapses in adjustment is for those who have been staying out of Canada for a  long time and came here when they grew old. The kind of adjustment time is longer for them because the candidates are already earning well in their home countries. These candidates need to have the same kinds of jobs in India as they had in Australia. These people also face some problems in landing up with jobs.

Adjustment easy with Australian work experience

So, if you have experience in Australia, it’s easier to adjust here because you are able to get a  job. The Australian employers for whom you have worked can give a positive reference to your prospective employers.

Need for immigrants in Australia

The population of the country, when it increases through immigration can also contribute more to the taxes.

The country needs immigrants to support its tax revenue and infrastructure. Therefore there is a need for immigrants in this country. That’s why Australia almost accepts 2,50,000 in each year.

The country has realized that it needs skilled immigrants who can contribute to the tax revenue because it has a large percentage of older people who cant pay any taxes. On the other hand, no taxes mean not much-developed infrastructure in the country.

Apart from the aging population, there is also a need in Australia for immigrants due to the paucity of skilled labor. Every year Australian government takes in immigrants through the state sponsorship programs.

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