It’s The Best Chance To Settle In Canada! Requirement Of Eligibility Points Is At Its Lowest

Getting settled in Canada is the dream of many and you too should be one of those. To get settled in Canada, you will have to watch out for the requirements which should be met. Canada is a place which has loads of opportunities to offer you. There are immigration agencies which help you out in that case.

So look forward for going to Canada so that you can have a great career waiting for you. This guide talks about the requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to get settled in Canada. With the rising demand for Canadian citizenship, many changes have been introduced in the Canadian laws relating to immigration. In short, process to acquire Canadian citizenship has become speedy. For this reason, there are many things which you should be focussing upon.

Why you should settle in Canada?

Canada has amazing economic environment for job related prospects. You can look forward for immigration through Express Entry System or ERS. This was introduced in the year 2015 which readily grants the PR. This scheme was introduced by IRCC which is Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

This scheme was designed to improve the labour laws in the country which heavily contributes to the growing economy of Canada. ERS has contributed heavily into attracting the skilled workers from overseas country.

What are the eligibility requirements to settle in Canada?

For getting settled in Canada, you need to meet some requirements. You also need to qualify and marks you obtain will depend on several factors. You can look forward for the criteria which are stated as below:

  • Work experience
  • Qualification
  • Language
  • Age and so on

You will score the immigration points based upon these factors.

Point calculation system

It is the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System which is used for calculating the points to be scored by the candidates. In every 15 days, IRCC will make a draw to choose the candidates who can achieve the CRS score. Those students who later on gain good score can apply for Canadian permanent residency or PR.

What are the requirements for CRS score?

For scoring well in the CRS, you need to fulfill the following requirements. Check out the beneifts of PR in Canada:

  • You can live in Canada on a permanent basis
  • You will get health care and legal benefits
  • You can also apply for Canadian citizenship

There are some exceptions which cannot be obtained under PR. But still the scope of rights is far and wide even for Canadian PR.

Those who score well for citizenship become eligible to get invitation to apply for Canadian PR. This duration is considered to be the best time to apply for Canadian PR. Qualifying marks are also reduced for ERS so securing PR status for Canada is easier and more probable now. But make sure you pick a reliable firm in order to secure the immigration to the country.


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