Nile Migration presents to you the best immigration service to gain a permanent residence to Canada.

Canada is one the best places to live and work in. It houses the iconic Niagara Falls and is celebrated for the wining and dining opportunities it provides. Canada is opening up its borders for more and more people.


 6th Sept 2016, New Delhi: It’s a ticking time bomb. The aging population of Canada is growing at unprecedented levels. The future in Canada looks dark due to the upcoming burden of pension and healthcare burdens on Canada’s Economy. Luckily this burden can be abated with the help of immigration. It is well known that Canada has various immigration programmes that particularly target skilled individuals.

Canada is taking a lot of steps towards making immigration programs as easy as pie for the applicants. In regards to student immigration John McCallum, minister of Refugees and citizenship, stated, “International students are among the most promising group of immigrants–they are young, can speak English or French and know about Canada. So, we’re going to give them more points under express entry and make it easier for them to become permanent residents.”

We at Nile migration want you to make the most of this situation. It becomes quite arduous and time consuming when trying to gain Canada Pr through different temporary visas. The people with a temporary visa like a visitor visa or student’s visa do not enjoy as many perks as the permanent residents. For instance you can:-

  • Live in Canada Indefinitely
  • Study and Work in Canada.
  • Can avail most social welfare programs and enroll in medicare.
  • Get most of the rights a Canadian citizen does.

Our agents can guide you through the application process of following immigration programs:-

  • Skilled Migrants Program (Express Entry)
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Canadian Experience Program
  • Quebec Skilled migration Program
  • Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Family Sponsorship
  • State Sponsorship

All of these programs have a limited number of seats that can be availed by the applicants. The upper limit on the number of application makes it imminent for you to stay updated and prepared regarding these programs. Quebec recently received 10,000 applications for skilled worker immigration program. As soon as the upper limit was reached, other applicants were directed to wait in a virtual waiting room. This makes it important for you to apply as soon as the application process starts. Also, any discrepancy in your application can lead to your application being revoked.

To avoid any such complications contact us. Our agents are well versed in the immigration process for Canada. We believe in and adhere to the principle of customer satisfaction. Our amiable agents constantly edify themselves about the recent norms and changes in the immigration process making their advice authentic and reliable.

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