Best Places to Visit in Canada

A lot of people look at the United States of America as a great travel destination, but there is one sister country that is maybe an even better option to visit on a tour with family and friends. This country is the beautiful country of Canada. Canada draws thousands of tourists every year and they all seem to go back with great experiences. So, when you are think thinking of a tour or a vacation, then think of Canada.

Before You Visit Canada

Before you can enter the beautiful country of Canada and visit Canada visa which is of tourist type is absolutely necessary. Without a visa, you would be stopped at the gates and not allowed into the country.

So, make sure that you apply for the Canadian visa well in advance and make sure there are no issues with the visa.

Places to See

There are several great places to see here as listed below –

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls can be seen from both the United States of America as well as from Canada as it lies exactly on the borders of the two great countries. It is one of the most beautiful sights in the world and hence draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world.

The Niagara Falls is around 51 metres high, which does not make it a tall waterfall but it is one of the longest water falls in the world. It takes one a long time to absorb the whole area of this places.


This is one of the most happening metropolitan cities in Canada. There are many world class restaurants and party hubs here that you must experience when you are visiting Canada. If you are a young and hip personality, you will really enjoy this place a lot. It is located between the Canadian prairies and the Rocky Mountains.


Ottawa is another big city in Canada which is famous for a good number of palaces and castles. These follow some ancient architecture and are a beautiful sight to see and visit. There are regular tours to these places that are conducted and hence something that you should not miss when you are in Canada.


It is a great ski destination in Canada. Canada is a country where skiing is very popular as there is plenty of snow for most of the year. In Whistler, there are perfectly slanted hills filled with snow where skiing is a joy to do. You can even stay in this area as there are plenty of options for stay available. How for visitors to Canada visa  is a necessity, for a traveller to Canada, this place is a must visit. This area also presents a good escape from the hectic city life of the metros.

Therefore, you have just learnt about the best places to visit in Canada and hence can start planning your trip. Make sure you explore all these great places and have a blast during your trip!

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