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What is the Best Province to Immigrate to Canada?

Canada is one of the most extraordinarily developed countries in the world. It has a high HDI due to which its also quite safe to live here. Now, there are almost 10 provinces which are there in Canada, all excellent for Canada immigration. These provinces are Alberta,  New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan. But the candidates for immigration to Canada are often confused about which province they should immigrate to.British Columbia is one of the best regions when it comes to immigration Canada. The best area to live in this province is Vancouver which has one of the most moderate climates in this country. The region also is experiencing a fast rate of development. There are so many Asian immigrants which are living in this region including Chinese and South Asian. The reason you won’t find it hard to suit yourself in this place is the population is because 24% people are South Asian. This place also has reasonable rates for everything including meals at restaurants. So, whether you require a three-course meal or just a burger combo, everything is available here. Vancouver has a restaurant meal costing one almost 15 CAD which is equivalent to Rs 225 which is similar to Indian rates for such items. When it comes to transportation which is one of the basic requirements you would be so happy to know that the price of 1-gallon gasoline here is just 5.03 CAD which is very low. So, there is no need to fret about refueling your car while going to the office or coming back from it.

There are more reasons for filing the Canada immigration visa for British Columbia. The apartments here are also not so costly. The rent for 3-bedroom apartment is only CAD 2,527 which is approximately INR 130,000 per month. The rental rates for condos are astonishingly lower at 95,000 per month. However, people earn more in this region at Rs 1,66,400 per month after taxes.

Markham in Ontario is also a desirable place for Canada immigration. Here also the percentage of South Asians constituting the population is high at 17.8%. apart from that, there are so many IT companies which are located here. Examples of some of the IT companies are, IBM, A & L and Xerox. So, this place is a paradise for any IT worker. Markham is also located close to Toronto which can be reached by highway from here. Here also the average salary per month is quite high at Rs 2,91,750.

The Canada immigration has always been so wanted because of many Indians living here. Toronto in Ontario is also a desirable place to settle because it has 50% of its population consisting of immigrants. The employment rate is good, with job stability quite high.

Toronto has a great employment scope for finance professionals because it has the five topmost banks in Canada present here. These banks include   Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Toronto–Dominion Bank. At Nile Migration, we have all the information available for you to immigrate to these places through Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs(PNP’s).

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