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What is the Best Way to Get Visa For Work in Any European Country For an Indian?

EU blue card is a sure shot solution to be employed in Europe. The candidates should have the right kind of employment contract which must be of 12 months. Apart from that, the salary for such employees should be, more than what they are getting in their home country for the same profile. This way, the moving of the candidate from his home country to a European country is justified.

Why should you get a Blue Card?

It allows you to become a part of the workforce in the 24 European countries excluding the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Ireland. So, you can get this work permit from the employer in any European country.

Now, what does an employer need in a prospective blue card candidate to guarantee employment to him and invite him to Europe on this card?

  • The candidate should have an educational experience which makes him apt for the visa. If he does not have such a degree, then he should experience in the same profile.
  • The salary of the employee should be substantially more than the national salary in the European country to which he is immigrating.
  • The candidate should have been granted employment in this country.
  • If any regulations are binding, for the employment of a candidate, he should be fulfilling them.
  • Health insurance should be availed for this visa.
  • The rules for getting this visa in different European countries are different.

For countries like Spain, there is a specific “shortage occupation list” which determines whether the candidate will get this visa. If the candidate’s profile matches those in this list, then he can get immigration to this country.

If no such profile matches with the candidate’s profile, then he can get the visa provided the employer is ready to give notice for the vacancy through the Employment Services of Spain. If the employer is able to get, an employee through the, such a notice, he can’t sponsor someone who is a foreigner for the job and hence the blue card.

How to work in Germany?

Short term work permit

For Germany, a work offer is needed to get the residence permit for 1 year. You can get this work offer by coming to Germany through a  job seeker’s visa and trying getting jobs. However, someone can only work in Germany if he has a residence permit to work and cant take employment in the job seeker’s visa.

The federal employment agency(Bundesagentur für Arbeit) must provide consent to an employer seeking a foreigner employee. So, this way, the candidate can get the German residence permit for employment if nobody in Germany is an alternate for the kind of work that he does.

Long term work permit in Germany(EU blue card)

The candidate should have an employment offer of 4 years in  Germany to get the EU Blue card to work here for this much time. The candidate should have an income of 50,800 EUR annually or less at EUR 39,624 if there is so much need of his profile in Germany.

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