Canada settlement visa

Best way to Settle In Canada

Canada – paradise for immigrants. Canada is a beautiful maple leaf nation which has a lot to offer for the immigrants be it hustle-bustle of the city or peace and calm in the province. All the provinces in the country have different opportunities for the immigrants. It depends upon you, which province you want to settle in. For easing the process of getting immigration visa, government of Canada has launched a scheme known as ‘Express Entry’. It basically entails categorisation of migrants and accordingly designating opportunities/facilities to them. The categories are: highly skilled individuals with post-secondary education and qualifications, students, federal skilled workers, family business class and finally entrepreneurs.

Getting a PR permit

The first and foremost step for best way to settle in Canada is registering for a permanent resident visa in the country. To apply for permanent residence in Canada, you have to fill a questionnaire online. Then a personal reference code will be generated, using it you have to login on the website. Then review and submit your profile. Later, your profile will be checked by the immigration office in accordance to Immigration and Refugees Protection Act. After being a permanent resident for like three to four years in Canada you can apply for citizenship in the country. The express entry program will definitely increase the pace of the process of immigration.

Bringing in your family

Government of Canada is so much concerned for its immigrants. So that you do not have to stay away from your loved ones, government of Canada has launched a program for it as well. Federal Spouse Sponsorship program has been launched by the government of Canada under Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada policy. If you are above the age of eighteen years and you are citizen/permanent resident of Canada, then you can bring in your family members to the country. There are two sections of this program: inland and outland. Outland program is for those whose spouse are living outside the country and inland program is for domestic migration within the country.

 How being a businessperson will change things?

If you are an entrepreneur, best way for you to seek Canada settlement visa is to apply for express entry program as the scheme also entails entrepreneurs. This scheme is basically for experienced businesspersons or business managers(senior). You can start a new business or extend your existing business in the country by filling out certain applications. After continuing your business for a year in the country, you might be nominated for the PR status. Entrepreneur has to be 21 years of age or older. You need a net worth of at least $600,000 Canadian Dollars. Need to have a minimum of three years of experience in the field. And have to complete an online expression of interest.

These were the few things that you need to consider before planning to settle in Canada. Settling in a country which turns into shades of crimson and orange during fall season seems like a beautiful dream and now you know how to make that dream come true and what’s the best way to settle in Canada.

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