Business Investors Scheme for Immigration to Canada

Canada welcomes hundreds and thousands of immigrants every year with open heart. Whether you are a business man, student, tourist or a worker, Canada is a hot spot destination for every one of them. This country has favorable Government policies, ideal environment to work and study. This is the reason people from across the globe is attracted to Canada.

This article is especially for business man/woman and keen to invest overseas in Canada.

If you have desire to expand your business beyond your own country to place like Australia or if you aspire to start your own business in the land of “milk and honey”, there are many avenues from  which you can. You can also apply under the federal start-up visa program.

Under the provincial business program you can look at the different investors and entrepreneur options if you know the state or territory where you are planning to start your business or planning to reside.

The points below summarizes the existing Business Investors Immigration Programs of Canada.

  1. Quebec Immigrant Investor Program: net minimum investment required Canadian dollars 1,600,000. You should have a Managerial experience of at least two years in last five years. Start-Up Visa Program: people who are looking to start up their own business in Australia start up visa plan is for them. Canadian Dollars 200,000 if the investment is through a designated Canadian venture capital fund. Or Canadian Dollars 75,000 if investment is through angel investor group.
  2. Self-Employed Persons Federal Program: Should have at least 2 years of experience in cultural, athletic, or farming along with managerial experience in last five years.
  3. Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream:                 Migrants who are interested in farming industry and want to set up their farming base in Canada should invest Canadian Dollars $500,000 in farming production. It is preferable to have an experience in this field of occupation. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program: Investment of Canadian Dollars $600,000 is mandatory under this category of nomination program. You should have an adequate experience in the chosen field.
  4. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) – Farm Owner/Operator Category: If you have an experience in opening and operating a farm then you can apply under this plan. A minimum investment of Canadian Dollars $500,000 is required.
  5. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) – Corporate Stream: you should have the capacity to invest Canadian Dollars $5,000,000 Canadian Dollars $10,000,000 only if business is a leasehold company or in land development.

Business investment scheme are for individuals who have fund in their hands to invest in Canada. Working holiday visa for Canada comes under International Experience Canada (IEC) program. Under this program people from different parts of the world are allowed a temporary stay in Canada.

Visitor visa Canada facilitates single entry or multiple entry. You can select the type of visa depending on your requirement.

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