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Can I Apply Canada PNP without My Spouse? I want to include Spouse and Child After Getting my PR. Is this ok?

Everybody wants to live with their family in a foreign land. Its not easy to be alone for a long time. So, sponsoring your family to get immigration Canada just like you is a feasible option to get back together with them.

The applicant has to fill a form for declaring his background which is the form IMM 5669. Its important to put your signatures on this form. This is where he has to include the number of his family members.

Its not mandatory to include your spouse in the visa application, but you cant hide this fact from the CIC that you are not married. Hiding such information is counted as misrepresentation, and it can result in the denial of your PR. While filing your express entry profile, you can acknowledge that your family is non-accompanying. Also, while submitting your documents, its mandatory to include your marriage certificate.

As far as the process for applying for a candidate’s PR is concerned without including his spouse, it will include a medical and background examination of the latter. This is a mandatory part for receiving the Canada PR for a candidate, without his spouse getting with him to Canada at the same time.

There are some duties that the sponsor needs to fulfil:

  • He should provide a document to the government that he is ready to bear the expenses of the spouse for a period of three years. This period wont include him taking any kind of financial funding from the government. The needs of the spouse which have to be sponsored are:
  1. The needs of residence and food
  2. The medical needs which arise on a regular basis involving eye and dental care.
  • This kind of sponsorship stands in case of a divorce also.Even if the relationship between the spouse and the sponsored person breaks up during the tenure of 3 years. They can undergo a divorce, but still the sponsor is responsible for the financial needs of the spouse.
  • This sponsorship stays valid for a period of three years since the time the sponsored person gets Canada PR.
  • To become a sponsor, its important not to be involved in a lawsuit of bankruptcy.
  • The sponsor should not be himself receiving any dependency payments from the government.
  • In the case of sponsoring a dependent child, the sponsorship gets cancelled when the child has attained adulthood i.e. he is 22 years old or 3 years have expired since he gained his permanent residency status.
  • The fee status for this visa is 550 CAD for the spouse and 150 CAD for the child. The fee to request permanent residence for relatives is 490 CAD.
  • The sponsor has to provide the government with the IMM 1283 form for evaluation of his income whether its sufficient to take care of his partner after he/she gets a PR.

Its important to understand that, to sponsor anybody who is  not in Canada, a marriage is important or  a 1 year live in relationship.

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