Denmark Green Card

Who Can Apply For Denmark Green Card? What’s The Scheme?

First of all, we need to understand why Denmark?

Denmark  is one of those countries where everyone desires to live. You cant have asked for better neighbors because this country has the most sophisticated of countries surrounding it. You have Germany which is located to the South of this nation and Norway and Sweden to the North.

To live in Denmark is also desirable because it is one of most prosperous countries in the world. In today’s times, the country is hailed for its lowest levels of corruption in the world and high levels of development. The country has a fortunate standard of living as the 5th most developed country in the world.

So, the country also has very coveted standards as far as income equality is concerned. There are also other parameters which make it desirable for someone to be a part of this country. You can get the best of health care and education when you are a resident of this country. As far as education is concerned, this country has made it compulsory for children aged from 6-16 to receive an education. If further education is to be attained the student can get clearance for it through a test. The students have the chance to finish tertiary education in this country and opt for subjects consisting of Professional Studies, Science, Economics and Vocational Education.

The college education is provided at no cost in this country. The students don’t need to pay a penny on the tuition fees.

Permanent residence permit on the basis of a strong connection with Denmark

The residency requirement of 2 years for getting the Danish PR applies to those:

  • So, a person who was not born in Denmark but both of whose parents are natural citizens of Denmark owing to their birth here can have this visa.
  • If a single parent of such an applicant is a citizen of Denmark on the basis of his/her birth.

The residency requirement of 1 year for getting the Danish green card applies to those:

  • So, a person who has lost his Danish citizenship and wants to get the PR now. The Danish citizenship gets lost for such a person because he was not born in Denmark and never had Danish citizenship because of his own birth. In fact, his citizenship was only given to him because his parents were born in Denmark and were citizens of this country. Such parents lost their citizenship of this country because they gained citizenship of another country because Denmark does not allow dual citizenship. As a result, the non-Denmark born child also loses his citizenship, if he does not live in Denmark at all (for 12 months minimum) before turning 22. So, the one-year requirement to regain the Danish PR is applicable once you decide to be in this country before turning 22.
  • The person has an association with the Danish population living in Argentina
  • The person hails from the Danish population living in South Schleswig.

Permanent residence permit under the EU rules

EU nationals are eligible to get the PR once they have stayed in this country for 5 years in total. The stay of 5 years is on the basis of an EU residence document which is available to those who have the nationality of European Union. They just need a European residence document for a residency in Denmark.

Permanent residence permit

If you have been residing in Denmark for 8 years due to work or study related reasons, you can apply for the PR of this country. The candidate can get a permanent residence permit. If his application for the same is refused, he can get a permanent residence permit if he fulfills the residency requirement of 8 years.

The time which elapses in the processing of such PR permits is 8 months. Other conditions which need to be considered valid are:

  • The candidate should be in Denmark at the time a decision is being taken whether he should be granted the PR or not. If he is outside this country, at the time of this consent or dissent, he needs to return back.
  • The candidates who have forged identities to get work in this country can’t be considered appropriate for the green card.
  • If you have been living in Denmark on the basis of the family reunification permit and changed partners during the course of 8 years, you can’t be eligible to get the green card permit. Instead, your residency in Denmark will be only counted once you had only a single partner for the duration of 8 years.
  • The candidate also needs to pass the Danish language level test 2 excellently for being granted the green card permit of this country.
  • He should be able to prove his employment aggregately for a period of 3 years 6 months in the 4 years preceding his application for the PR permit.

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