EB-5 visa

How can I change from E-2 classification to an EB-5 visa?

Getting the immigrant status in US is extremely useful for anyone. That’s why someone who has an E2 visa which is only applicable for a 4 year stay in US to convert to a PR visa in this country.

Meaning of an E2 visa

First of all, its important to understand that to get an E-2 visa a candidate should have invested some funds in the business which should be equivalent to, 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 USD. Now, this investment amount is not fixed and can be different based on the kind of business, in which this investment has been made. The investment which is required varies as per the consent of USCIS.

Its not necessary that to get the E2 visa, you should have done the, investment , but even if you have kills which are, unique  to you and you are an irreplaceable asset for the US-based business, you can be eligible for this visa. If an investor is eligible to get this visa, the business in which he has invested, all the employees of this business with the “crucial skills” are also likely to get the E2 visa.

The renewal of this visa has to be done after every two years, although the visa is valid for 4-5 years.

You must get it renewed after 2 years once the business is securing profits in US.

Since this visa does have an end date, it’s important for the investor to get it converted into a PR visa which will allow you a permanent stay in US.

Getting an PR status through the EB-5 visa

One of the best ways to get the PR in the US is to make an investment as per the EB-5 visa. This kind of visa option requires one to make a substantial investment in a US business. So, you should increase the amount of investment whatever it might be under an E2 visa to 1 million USD. If you have already invested your money in a region which is economically backward, this investment only needs to be increased to 0.5 million.

One of the most convenient ways to go from an E2 visa to green card is to invest additional capital in your E2 business. This is because, you probably already have a lot of familiarity with how to run your E2 business and there are unique advantages when using your E2 business as your future EB-5 business (we will discuss these advantages below).since you can increase the capital in the E2 business to get a sanction for the EB-5 visa, you must do so. You also have gained some experience while operating the business during the time, you held the E2 visa, so its better to increase investment rather than investing in a new business altogether to get the EB5 visa.

Invest money in a regional center

The investor can take his funds out of the business investment he made under the E2 visa. He can then put them in a regional center to ensure that he gets the EB-5 visa. This is quite beneficial for him as he does not have to take part in the running of the business; instead he is just provided the balance sheet at the end of the year and quarterly reports also.

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