Canada Study Visa

How Can Changes in Canada Study Visa Be of Any Use to Indian Students?

Canada has made sure now that Indian students continue to flock to this country for the purpose of higher education with the easier visa norms introduced by it for Indian students. These students can get the visa, with a 6.0 IELTS band score.

Apart from that, the eligible students won’t have to wait for higher times to get the visa as earlier. Their visas will be given to them in a duration of 7 weeks as opposed to the 60 days earlier. Countries which are under the purview of these visa related changes include, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines besides India. Although this scheme now has lessened processing times for the visas of the Indian students, the students need to show the financial amount needed for their Canadian educational stay. This amount should not be less than 10,000 CAD and must be in the, Guaranteed Investment Certificate which was not the mandatory program for getting admission into SPP colleges. The students could have the funds taken through an education loan sufficient to get admission into an SPP college. Scotiabank is providing assistance to students for admission in colleges and universities as per the Student direct stream.

Apart from Scotiabank, the student can also get the GIC from the ICICI bank and the SBI bank in Canada.

Apart from that, the other requirements are:

  • The students should already have received consent for admission into a designated learning institution
  • The tuition fees amount for the 1st year of the university should have been rolled out by the student.
  • The students get admission into both SPP and non-SPP colleges through this program.
  • The score in IELTS required in admission to colleges as per the SDS study route is higher. It is higher than it was before. It was earlier, an average of 6 in IELTS with the score in no band lower than 5.5. However, the average of 6.0 is still acceptable but a band score can’t be less than 6.0.
  • The requirement for the payment of the tuition fees is also high as per student direct stream and involves expending 1-year tuition fees by the student as compared to 6 months tuition fee paid by the student.

When implemented, the SDS program will replace the SPP program.

As per the latest reports, there are a high number of Indian students who are pursuing education from Canada right now. Almost 1, 00,000 students from India are in this country. The SPP colleges are much less in number than the SDS colleges. There are only 39 universities and colleges that participated in this program.

Although the study permit application as per the student direct stream route will involve lesser hassles for students, it requires some restrictions without fulfilling which the students have to apply for the SPP colleges. However, a student can avail the post-graduation work permit, which is applicable if the admission is taken in an SPP college and not in an SDS college. Getting the study permit through the SDS is not compulsory and it depends on the choice of the student. All the SDS colleges are not ineligible for the grant of a PGWP to the student.

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