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Can a Fresher Get a German Job-Seeker Visa?

No, a fresher cant get a German job seeker visa. It’s true that at least an experience of 2 years is needed to find work under the job seeker visa in Germany. Without this kind of experience, you can’t find jobs in this country. It’s important to know that without finding a job in this country, getting the Germany job seeker visa is a waste of time and money.

So, its better that before you apply for this visa, get some experience in your relevant field.

Eligibility for getting job seeker visa Germany

  • Academic criteria: The Germany job seeker visa is a boon from the government of this country. This visa is applicable to all those who have pursued 12 years of secondary schooling from their country and 3 years of graduation. These 3 years of graduation should have been in the subjects of Science, Technology, Mathematics or Engineering.

So, you can get the chance to secure work in Germany which has technologically one of the most advanced economies after the USA. It’s very simple and inexpensive to obtain the Germany job seeker visa. The candidates just need to pay an application fee of 75 Euros for applying for this visa. But the verification of your educational documents costs a bit more.

  • Recognition of specific foreign universities: First of all, the country of Germany recognizes only certain foreign universities, those which are a part of its “anabin” database with an H+ ranking. Then, the documents of the candidate are sent for verification to the ZAB which is the Central office for the foreign education of Germany. If you want to work in Germany, then this job search visa Germany is ideal for you. The most attractive part of the job exploration process through this visa is that once you get a job, nothing can come between you and your way to permanent residency in this country.

However, you must know that you cant do any kind of paid employment with a Germany job seeker visa.

Now, when you get a job, just apply for an EU(European Union) blue card which will make you eligible for German PR after a  duration of 33 months, which is 3 months short of 3 years. Your employer with whom you have got employed will provide you with sponsorship for this visa. An EU blue card requires a candidate a written validation by his new employer that he has got the job. He should also have a job contract for at least 12 months.

Apart from that, his annual salary should be more than €52,000 or at least equivalent to this amount. The validity of this card is for a period of 12-48 months as long as your employment lasts.

Now, who gets the EU blue card is lucky. He can roam around in any country of Europe without any visa. This is beneficial because currently, EU blue card is valid in 25 countries including Austria, Poland, Hungary and Spain.

The Germany job seeker visa is beneficial to Germany because it has brought innovative ideas to this country. The candidates who are not able to find useful employment in their home country have completely benefitted from this visa. However, it’s also necessary that the candidates seeking to get this visa know how to at least speak and understand the German language so that conducting general conversations does not become a problem for them. Currently, 1,10,204 Indians are residing in Germany out of which 67,029 have German PR. At Nile Migration, we have efficient resources for you to receive job search visa Germany on time.

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