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Can I Get Canadian PR with Two Years of Work Experience?

Living in a foreign country like Canada is enthralling. That’s why everyone seeks it. With so much intense competition present for Canada PR, the candidate should get himself prepared to win over the competition. That’s why 2 years of experience requires hard work from the client in terms of getting a great score in IELTS.

The candidate should know that he has to be thoroughly prepared for IELTS. You should have excellent skills in English and get a score of CLB 9 which implies 8 in the Listening band and 7 in the remaining ones.  It’s quite challenging for someone and requires tedious practice. One needs to go through the IELTS test on a daily basis to acquire a certain level of perfection because the “listening section” is the toughest of them all.

Prove English Language Excellence

Once you are able to prove this IELTS score, you still need to own a postgraduate degree to get 50 points as per the CRS system. So, you will get a total of 462 points which include 110 score for age(20-29), English proficiency(CLB 9) and postsecondary degree(50 points), English proficiency of CLB9(124 points),score of English(CLB7) and 2 years of work experience(25 points) and 128 points for education(postgraduate). That’s why your total score is 110+50+124+25+128=437 which makes getting an invite not feasible for you until and unless you have a future 1-year duration job offer in Canada with the employer ready for an LMIA(50 points). With such kind of employment, you can get 437+50=487 points, making your profile having 100% chances of picked up. These kinds of chances exist because of the draw that occurred on 13th June 2018 in which the CRS was 451 and with 487 your score is much higher than this score.

So, this is how you can make the Canadian immigration system reward you in a positive way. This system is not so easy and not so tough, your chances depend maximize, provided you are willing to work diligently and sincerely.

Prove that you have a provincial nomination program (PNP) approval

This is quite difficult because one has to gather, knowledge for which kind of province you can fulfill the entry requirements with 2 years of experience.

Ontario PNP can work for you

In Ontario you are eligible to get the invite with only  2 years of experience with 400 points, however, it depends on how many candidates have applied for you and what are their scores. If they have scored more or much more than 400, then your chances of getting an invite from this province are nullified.

So, if the other candidates applying to Ontario concurrently with you, don’t have high scores, then you can get an invite with a score of 400. This score is attainable even when the candidate does not have any employment offered to him in this province at the time when he has applied for PR here.

The candidate alternatively can get the nod for Ontario PNP once he has a good capability in the French language which should as high as CLB 7. This is not an easy score given the complexities of this language. On top of it, this score should be accompanied by scores equal to Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB6) in English. So, you need to know both these languages well.

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