Germany Job Seeker Visa

How can you go to the European countries when you have a Germany job seeker visa?

The job seeker visa from Germany is available to you, from your native country only. Now, the question is whether you can go to other countries in Europe, on this visa?

This is not possible unless you have been able to get a job in Germany while you are on this visa. Once having grabbed a job, the next step is to, get a residence permit, which allows you to roam all the Schengen countries.

Anybody who desires to work in Germany should have the residence permit which allows you to work also. The residence permit contains all details like how much work you can do in this country.

1)The work permit in Germany is dependent on the job offer. Getting a job in this country, previous to getting this visa, is mandatory. The salary also matters while getting this work permit. If you are a part of a higher paying job, i.e. one which involves an annual salary of more than 52,000 Euros, you can get the work permit as “EU Blue Card”. They also need a job offer from a German employer. This visa also requires the candidate to have the Letter of Intent provided to him by a German employer to be valid.

2)The second kind of professionals who are allowed a work permit are those, who have studied as an undergraduate in some university from their own country and completed the graduation degree. However, they should be to show the exact offer letter from the German employer.

The application process for this visa is as follows:

•You can download the designated form, from the German Federal Foreign Embassy website. Make sure that you download this form twice and then fill both the forms.
•Make the application for this form, as soon as you receive an employment offer from the country of Germany.
•Its simple to submit the application because all you have to do is to send this package to the VFS Germany of your city.
•The time during which the visa gets processed is 6-11 weeks.
•Once you have received the work permit, you can relax for 1-2 years for which it is valid. After this time period has elapsed, you need to get this permit renewed. Applying for this work permit has a low cost of 60 euros.

Now how to get the residence permit of Germany after living here for 5 years?

Now, the residence title for employment is required without needing any approval of BA(Bundesagentur fur Arbeit) when you have a salary equivalent to 50,800 Euros and you should already have the EU Blue card.

You should have resided in this country for 3 years and worked for 2 years to get this unlimited residence permit.

The application for the residence title to work is 56 to 100 Euros.

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