How Can You Move to Canada From Chennai in the Fastest Manner?

To, get the fastest PR visa to Canada from Chennai, it’s better to apply with the aid of an experienced consultant who knows the nitty-gritty of this PR process. Every year thousands of Indians get the invite for the Express Entry, due to the efforts of hard-working and genuine consultants like us. Its because they know all about the intricate procedures involved in Canada immigration. They coordinate with you to solve the complex procedural issues for you and bring out the best results.

Express Entry-An Easy route to Canada

Canada is a nation which has so much diverse scope for immigrants. Talking about the possibilities for immigrants, here there are two ways, for them to be here. Either, opt for the Express Entry route, through which 4 provinces in Canada (Ontario, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) actually pick up candidates or the second route is Provincial Nominee Programs, which needs an individual’s application made to the state itself.

To be valid for the provinces, the second route is through the provincial nominee programs route. Each of the provinces has established some criteria for allowing the intake of candidates. Some provinces like Manitoba require the candidate to have someone living there already.

Saskatchewan Express Entry

Saskatchewan requires a 1-year experience from the candidate in a profession or 2 years of work experience in a trade. If the experience is shown in a trade, then he should have a licensed certificate for that occupation which should have been taken in Saskatchewan or Canada.

Prince Edward Island Express Entry

Prince Edward Island also accepts candidates who have filed Express Entry profiles. In fact, it takes in candidates from all of the three profiles, including Canadian experience class, Federal Skilled Worker or Federal Skilled Trades.

All the PNP programs of this province require the candidate to have a job promised to him for 2 years.

Nova Scotia Express Entry

Nova Scotia Express Entry stream takes candidates from Express Entry if they have experience if 1 year. Apart from experience, they should also have a 1-year work offer in Nova Scotia. The rest of the criteria for the immigration to this province, as per Express Entry, are also the same. A candidate needs CLB 7 for this purpose. He must get this score in either one of the languages of English or French.

Ontario Express Entry

Ontario has introduced two specific programs which are needed for immigration here through Express Entry. Both these programs have different requirement of attributes from candidates. The first program which selects candidates through express entry is the Human Capital Priorities Stream which requires a candidate to have 400 points as his Express Entry score.

The second Express Entry stream is the French-speaking skilled worker stream. This stream selects those specific candidates from the huge pool of express entry applicants, who have a score of CLB 7 in French complemented with CLB6 in English.

The province of Ontario also has a third stream, through which it selects Express Entry candidates. These candidates should be holding a one year experience in Ontario, which should be mandatorily in a skilled trade.

New Brunswick Express Entry

The province of New Brunswick gets candidates for the Express Entry only when they have employment(either existing or planned) in this province.

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