parents visa Australia from India

How can Parent visa Australia be Granted?

Australia is a country with endless opportunity in the domains of growth and development. But then when it comes down to the sector of visa and immigration, it’s a whole new different chapter. There are certain clauses which everyone might have to go through. In the population of Australia, you can a diversity of people but then you can see a small majority of people from India as well. Thus there is parents visa Australia from India that enables people from India to immigrate to Australia under certain clauses. So let’s learn more about how this might be possible. Let’s get started.

What is parent visa Australia?

Certain kinds of visa are offered to people from other countries for different kind of things. It may differ from work or just a visit to the country. But then there are other kinds of visas also granted under a temporary or a permanent basis of the parents coming to Australia. It may be different from other but some of the credentials of the clauses that the visa has are all the same another. Hence parent’s visas from other countries to Australia are limited. Because they have a really long waiting time and also result in the over 30 years of waiting time period.

But then if you have any of your children staying in Australia and are citizens, then it might be possible to fasten up the process and make it feasible for other parents to be granted citizenship in Australia or might be granted visiting visa because of the presence of their children in the country.

How many types of parent visa Australia are there?

There are two types of parent visa Australia from India that are granted. The types are given below.

Parent category

  • Primarily these kinds of visas are granted only when your child is a citizen of Australia or New Zealand.
  • Also you might be offered citizenship to the country only if your child and you agree to become a citizen of Australia.

 Contributory parent

  • This type of visas was granted a couple of years back.
  • It comes under the category of parents who are willing to pay more in the visa applications and also pat a larger assurance bond in term of getting their visas to the country.
  • Also it was mainly introduced to expand their parent migration from other countries to Australia.

How can one apply for parent’s visa Australia from India?

There are certain clauses that one might have to fulfill in order to get the visa for Australia. They are enlisted below:

  • A primary clause for any parent to go to Australia must be that their son should be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand
  • An application should be filled by your child for you to receive a visa to enter the country.
  • You can either stay permanently or temporarily depending upon the application that you might have filled.
  • You need to have around 6000 Australian dollars in order to suffice to the visa approval.
  • Also selection of visa that has to approved might be subjective to time, date and day.
  • The faster you apply the better chances of your visa is approved.

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