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How Can I Search for Visa Sponsorship Job in Canada or Australia?

If you are striving for change, then a foreign job is an extremely well-deserved chance for you. You get to be in a new location and work with different people. The way they live is different and the way they believe in life is also different. You also, have interactions with people who work using different technologies which are quite advanced than those implemented in your home country. These kinds of foreign-based jobs give a whole new perspective to your life.

These foreign jobs include being in a different climate and living in a different cuisine.

The employee sponsorship visas simplify our existence in Canada and Australia. Its because an employer is there to take care of all your needs in this country. You can search for such employers online who are ready to provide you with the apt sponsorship. But the problem happens once the conditions imposed by such employers become too stifling and you cant end the employment. The better way is to get a PR and then go to Canada or Australia and get a job.

The candidates should have the will to be in Canada or Australia if the conditions change for them.


In Canada, an employer needs the mandatory LMIA before he can offer you sponsorship. You can look for employment guides for different industries which contain information about the vacancies. These guides include the websites for the different kind of vacancies present in Canada for a specific NOC code.

So, this way you can reach out to prospective employers in different regions of Canada.

Jobs are also listed in the Job Bank of the website which can be used to access jobs in various locations of Canada. Since the employers are hesitant to provide anyone with LMIA, it is better to take PR. Its because once you get a PR, you can work for anyone in Canada. Your employment cannot become binding because unlike LMIA, your PR is not dependent on a single employer who has sponsored you.


You can check on the websites of Global Companies which have branches in Australia. This will let you know, whether they have any vacancies in Australia. Once you are shortlisted by them, you can ask for employer sponsorship.

There are specific Australian job websites which advertise jobs of this country. However, it’s not necessary that you will get an Australian job by searching on such websites because a large majority of the Australian jobs are never advertised.

 However, Wikipedia contains a repository of Australian companies which can be applied to, to get sponsorship.

When Australian employers start looking for someone from abroad, to work for them, they have to face obstacles in terms of proving that they were not able to hire local labor to do that job. A lot of time is required to provide this proof which effects the workflow of Australian employers. Therefore, you should look for the jobs in the professions which are already included in the list of those occupations which are likely to get you a PR in Australia(professions for the 186 visa) once you have availed employment there.

The interested employer can offer sponsorship for employment and PR here. If you have been selected by an Australian employer, for an occupational role, for which employees are not easily found in Australia, then the sponsorship will be approved. There are actually many occupations under which employer sponsorship is available for a PR such as Biomedical engineer, Biochemist, Botanist, and Barrister. However, an employer can only hire for these kinds of Australian positions once you have the required assessment of skills.

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