Germany job seeker visa

Can I Seek a job in Germany with a Tourist visa? What is the Easiest way to Get into Germany?

Yes, its possible to seek a job on this visa in Germany. However, it’s better to get an entry into Germany through a Germany job seeker visa. The visa fees do not require many funds to cost and only needs 60 Euros.

A Germany job seeker visa is intended for a non-German citizen who has a desire to pursue employment in Germany. This visa allows them to reside in Germany for a period of six months. So, under this visa, you can search for a job and mix with Germans to prepare yourself for extended living in this country, which is possible under the EU blue card.

The eligibility criteria for the Germany job seeker visa are easy to meet. The candidate should have an educational background in one of 4 subjects including science, technical, engineering, and mathematics. This background should not be less than 15 years in duration.  The candidate should have a requisite 3 years experience to become eligible to get a job on this visa. The duration of the validity of passport should be a year.

Another requirement of this job search visa Germany is that the candidate should have arranged for a place to live in this country which should be proved in his application. If he is opting to live with a relative, then he needs to submit the Verpflichtungserklärung, which is the format of the “responsibility letter” submitted by the host family. This form technically implies the declaration of commitment by the host family and needs to be submitted if someone is ready to take care of your financial expenses in Germany too. These expenses include the expenses for food and lodging and those arising in case of medical contingencies and those when the candidate departs from Germany.

If a candidate does not have a sponsor in Germany, he must show sufficient amount in any kind of bank account. This amount is equivalent to 4,170 euros. So, you have complete liberty to find a job in this country for a period of 180 days in Germany. At the time of application, however, you need to inform the authorities that you plan to leave Germany if not able to find a job in a 6-month duration. The authorities also need to know how you plan to move ahead to get a job in Germany on this Germany job seeker visa. This information can be provided to authorities through a cover letter.

However, if a job is found by you, you can apply for the EU blue card which is equivalent to a Schengen visa. So, you can work in any country of Europe including Germany when you are on this visa. This visa also allows free travel to any country without any visa, which is included in the European Union, which includes 28 countries at present.

So, being on this visa and looking for jobs in Germany has many benefits which include being in the midst of people belonging to one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

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