Canada settlement visa

Canada- Best Place to live

Canada is considered as the highly reputed and renowned country in the world. It holds the most positive immigration programs or policies in terms of living standards. However, Canada is voted by United Nations, as the best place for settlement and immigration. On 1st January 2015, the express entry system was launched by the immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada. The express entry system is basically designed to handle the applications for permanent residence program in economic terms). If you want to apply for this visa then can get best immigration consultants in Delhi.

The main objective of this new express entry system to make it more quicker and easier for international skilled individuals to achieve permanent residence (PR) visas. The applications of the selected candidates or applicants will be processed in 6 months under express entry system.

Under this new express entry system, candidates can be able to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to the government of Canada. Canadian employers looking or searching for the sound and skilled labors will have access to the skilled workers database and they would be able to select and find the most suitable candidates easily. The most suitable and high ranking applicants will be welcomed in the country.

The express entry system of Canada will permit Canadians to assess, select and engage skilled workers or immigrants under the variety of federal economic immigration programs-

  • The federal skilled trade program
  • The federal skilled worker program
  • The Canadian Experience Class

Express entry system-

The new express entry system of Canada has two steps-

Step 1- prospective or skilled candidates must create an express entry profile online.

Selected applicants will be placed in a pool.

After this process, candidates are required to include educational credentials reports and language test score. The potential candidates would complete an express entry profile while they are asked to provide their-

  • Work experience
  • Educational credentials
  • Language ability
  • Skills
  • And the details required by the CIC for assessment.

Step 2- the top ranking applicants in the pool would be welcomed by the Canadian authorities to successfully apply for the PR in the country.

Candidates or applicants would be classified against other candidates who are in the pool by using point based system which is named as comprehensive ranking system.

Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria would be definitely accepted into a pool of applicants.

If candidates are invited to apply for Canada immigration, they would have only sixty days to provide their online express entry application for permanent residence. Candidates are allowed to live in the pool for up to twelve months. Candidates are permitted to submit their new express entry profile to the Canadian authorities if they do not get an invitation within 12 months for permanent residence.

If you want to move to Canada or wishing to apply for PR visa, it would be convenient for you to consult with the professional immigration agent or consultant. Usually, Canada immigration consultants in Delhi can be the best guide for you. Reliable and trustworthy immigration agents assist aspirants for the immigration programs or courses. All you need is to choose the best immigration consultants for achieving any visa for Canada immigration.

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