5 Ugly Truths About Canada Immigration Consultants in Sydney

There are various Canadian immigration consultants available in Sydney that will promise you a beautiful dream. But the terrifying truth about it is that not all Canadian immigration consultants in Sydney will help you realize your dream of immigrating. Some might only get you into deep money trouble.

We have heard so many cases of immigration consultancy scams across the world and in Sydney. These scammers may look ultra authentic and may even get you to Canada. But if you take a closer look at it, you will realize that you have been sent to Canada under a Visa that does not at all fit you and may eventually have landed back in your home country shortly.

In the worst case, you might spend a huge amount of money without even getting the opportunity to see your dreamland. We have heard so many cases of immigration consultancy scams across the world and in Sydney. We are ICCRC Certified Canada Immigration Consultants in Sydney, Australia.

Now Let Us Take a Look at 5 Ugly Truths About Canada Immigration Consultancy in Sydney That We Have Seen-

  1. Many of the Canadian immigration consultancies running in Sydney may not land you in your dreamland. Believe it or not, you could simply be investing your money into a bottomless pit with no chances of getting it back. The reason is, your consultant could disappear into thin air after taking your money. 
  2. Some Canadian immigration consultancy could be charging you much more than the normal rate for various visas and you wouldn’t know it or it could be too late. We have come across people who were charged super huge amounts of money for a visa that would have cost only half of the amount they charged. Some consultancy would charge you such an amount on the pretext of getting you visas quicker or take advantage of your situation if they see that you are in desperate need of immigrating to Canada. 
  3. There are many visas that can get you to Canada. But the wrong visit will cause so much trouble in your life. Some Canadian consultancy will promise you to land in Canada by hook and by crook. In such a situation, they might even have you registered under student visas when you clearly are not a student. When such a situation arises, it will disturb your stay in Canada whether you like it or not, you will have to get through certain examinations and if you cannot, you will have to leave the country.

Proper Counselling for Immigrate to Canada

No proper counseling and guidance are provided to immigrants. There are many Canadian immigration consultancies that do not provide proper counseling and guidance to the clients often leaving them to their own devices. In such cases, the client will struggle a lot even if they manage to land in Canada. There are so many things that a client must be briefed about apart from the process of getting a visa. But unfortunately, if you land yourself in the hands of a no-good consultancy, you might have to suffer a lot.

Don’t Hire Wrong Consultancy

In the hands of a wrong consultancy, you could be wrongly advised throughout the process. There are various immigrants consultancy running a business without proper experience in the field. If you land yourself in their hands, you will be wrongly advised throughout your journey of getting a visa. In such a case, what could have been a smooth journey will turn into a nightmare and even worse, might not even get you to Canada.

At Nile Migration, we ensure smooth consultancy at an affordable cost. As one of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Sydney, the company offers consultancy the following:

USPs of Nile Migration-

  • Legal and error-free representation by our MARA and ICCRC representatives
  • Free assessment for all visa categories
  • Presence in Australia and India
  • Dealing with visa aspirants from all across the world
  • The success ratio of 95%

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