Canada immigration

Canada: The most livable country in the world

Canada is one of the most dynamic countries across the globe. Over the years, living in Canada is so beneficial because so much has happened here in terms of development. Therefore, everyone today wants to get the Express Entry to Canada visa.


Canada has an amazing land area. This country has a 9.98 million sq. km of area but the population is only 3.7 crores. This is lower than the population of most of the countries in the world. The population of Canada is only 0.5% of the world population. That’s why, this country has become a dream country. No population and no pollution here also. Canada has a favorable rank 38th in terms of its population. You will be amazed to know that only 4 people live per square km in this country.In terms of per capita income also, Canada is also not far behind. Its rank is 20th in this category. So, as per this criterion, its per capita income is 49,775 CAD.

Canada Express Entry has been so popular among immigrants and this program also is impartial with regard to selection of immigrants. As per this system, the candidate just needs to get the apt number of points and nothing is tough. You have to get 445 points as per the latest Canada Express Entry draw. The candidate should have these points and his immigration is made easy for him. The Express Entry provides you with the opportunities to live in provinces like Ontario.  Ontario takes in candidates who have 400 points as per the Express Entry stream.

Ontario chooses immigrants as per the Ontario express entry: Human capital priorities stream. The candidate needs to have a bachelor’s degree and CLB 7 score to qualify for this stream. Only 1 year of work experience is needed for someone to be chosen for this stream. This  1 year of work experience should be equivalent to 1,560 hours of work experience. This is how Ontario picks up candidates through express entry. Those people who hold work experience from Canada are also eligible to get PR to Ontario as per this stream. The candidates also need to get the educational credential assessment report for this purpose. Without this report, Canada does not recognize the education of a candidate.

The candidate can also immigrate to Ontario through the French speaking skilled worker stream. This stream requires someone to have excellent knowledge of both the languages which are used in Canada i.e. English and French. He should have CLB 7 in French and a score of CLB 6 in English which is mandatory for this stream. As far as the tests which are approved for this stream, they are IELTS for English and TEF/CELPIP for French. The Express Entry to Canada visa hence allows you to stay in any one of the provinces of this country for 5years. These provinces are New Brunswick, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan

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