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Canada PNPs Are In Pipeline! How To Choose The Best PNP To Apply Canada PR?

The PNPs for Canada are very much in demand now. Its because the PNPs are getting more liberal about inviting immigrants here.

There is so much need for IT applicants felt in this country right now. Now, a PNP only invites applications from those who have the right kind of experience in an occupation.

Alberta immigrant nominee program

Alberta has introduced the Strategic Recruitment stream for the “would-be” employees in this province:

Under this stream, you can get the choice to apply under these two streams:-

Engineering occupations– As per this list of engineering occupations, only candidates who have experience in the NOC codes listed below are eligible to get the invitation. The candidates also need to have these conditions fulfilled apart from experience in either one of these occupations. Only 9 occupations are eligible for this kind of immigration of candidates.

  • Some of the work experience should in Alberta for the candidate. The candidate should have worked for atleast two preceding years in this province with an employer.
  • The candidate should be able to conform this experience with a proof.
  • Its important that the candidate has the relevant education as an engineer also. Since the candidate is already entitled to work in Alberta as an engineer, he should also have the mandatory registration as an engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

So, apparently, this stream is only applicant to those who have, are already there working in this province when they submit their papers for immigration.

Employer driven stream

There are also other kinds of occupations which are relevant for those who don’t have their profile listed in the “engineering occupations”.  These other occupations include, occupations corresponding with the NOC lists of 0, B and A.

These other kinds of profiles include, those workers who are not living in Alberta but have been chosen for jobs by the businesses running here:

  • As per the Employer Driven stream, candidates are eligible to be immigrated once they have an employer from Alberta, who is willing to provide them a job here. The job provided should correspond to the skills which have been mentioned for NOC codes A, 0 or B.
  • There should be no compromise on the wages offered to such prospective immigrant employees. This has to be proved through an LMIA arrangement shown for the employee.

So, the choice of PNP by  a candidate depends on whether he has the relevant working experience in the province of his choice or not.

These kinds of employees should be able to show a work permit to be approved.

If we start discussing the other provices in Canada

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