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Canada Point Calculator System

People from diverse backgrounds and from different countries migrate to Canada for a better standard of living and for a bright future. Canada is also considered to be one of the friendliest immigration countries, which is another reason for people migrating there. Canada has various immigration policies under which one can apply for the Canadian visa in order to migrate. Canada also has a point calculate for immigration and those who meet the eligibility criteria for this and have the required score are only able to migrate.

So what is the points calculator Canada immigration? The Canada points calculator is a point bases system under which people who want to migrate to Canada are assessed. Under this system, one is required to have at least sixty-seven out of hundred points for getting selected. Those who obtain more than sixty-seven marks qualify for migrating to Canada as a skilled worker. The main aim of the Canada points calculator is to attract more and more of a skilled workforce to come and join the Canada workforce and contribute to its economy.

How are the points awarded?

Under the Canada citizenship points calculator the following points are given on the following basis:

  • Education- This being the key to everything, without education nothing is possible not even migration. So one is awarded 25 points to someone who has a master’
  • Language- Having good language proficiency is quite important, so a maximum of 28 points is given those who have a high proficiency in the languages that are common in Canada like English or French. In order to check you proficiency skills, you can take the Canadian language test for English or fro French.
  • Age- 12 points are given to those who are aged between 21 to 49 years of age. Those who do not fall in this age bracket lose two points for the years they are under 21 or above 49.
  • Employment- Those who have a permanent job get 10 points, if one has a job offer and has a confirmation are also eligible for the same.
  • Adaptability- If somebody has adapted well to Canada or already has someone there then that person is also given 10 points.
  • Experience- If you have work experience then you are eligible to get 15 points for the full-time work done or if one has done the equal amount of temporary work.

The points calculator system Canada is a transparent system where those who see themselves as potential candidates can review the selection criteria and then apply according to their efficiency. This system is quite lengthy and is known to be a slow one, but once you get your sixty-seven points then nobody can stop you from migrating. If you are keen on applying to Canada then do not forget the points calculator system.

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